Industrial IoT, Edge Computing and Industry 4.0 using containers with balena

Balena’s mission is to enable industrial and automation companies to leverage technology to address real-world challenges. Enable your team with balena's Industrial stack to accelerate the digitalization of your company. Start using Linux and containers with industrial IoT applications on edge devices to scale rapidly. Balena's device management platform streamlines the application lifetime process by providing tools for remote application deployment and management. It enables you to easily manage your fleet of IIoT gateways from a central location. Remotely update the software running on your factory floors, model the Unified Namespace, publish data over MQTT, and much more. Industrial IoT processes and operations are ready to use modern technologies thanks to balena. Discover how BalenaCloud and BalenaOS empower the industrial and manufacturing sector to leverage IoT solutions for enhanced productivity, optimized operations, and improved safety. Explore examples of device management, OTA updates, security updates, and containerization on the edge to revolutionize industrial processes, enable predictive maintenance, and ensure seamless connectivity.
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Transforming the Industrial and Manufacturing Sector with Secure and Connected IIoT Solutions


Industrial IoT Edge Gateway reference architecture using MING with HiveMQ and balena

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Scale your Industrial deployment with IIoT Edge Gateways Managed by HiveMQ and balena

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Legacy to digital factory using MQTT, InfluxDB, NodeRED and Grafana with balena

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