HIVEMQ x balena

HiveMQ’s MQTT broker makes it easy to move data in real-time.

HiveMQ is a MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) broker that provides a scalable and highly available messaging infrastructure for IoT communication. It enables devices to send and receive messages in a reliable and efficient manner, while ensuring the security and integrity of the data being transmitted.

HiveMQ is designed to be highly scalable, with support for millions of concurrent connections and messages per second. It provides a flexible and customizable platform, with support for various deployment options including on-premise, cloud, and hybrid environments. 

HiveMQ provides an open-source MQTT broker and an enterprise edge MQTT broker along with the cloud MQTT broker. 

Use cases

Industrial IoT Edge Gateway reference architecture using MING with HiveMQ and balena

Discover the reference architecture for deploying an open-source Industrial IoT edge gateway using the MING stack with HiveMQ and balena.

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Scale your Industrial deployment with IIoT Edge Gateways Managed by HiveMQ and balena

Scaling an industrial IoT project across multiple sites can be a challenging task that can be done with IIoT Edge gateways running HiveMQ and balena.

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MING Stack for Industrial IoT: MQTT + InfluxDB + Node-Red + Grafana

Practical demo on how to deploy a MING Stack and build a demo IIoT Solution using HiveMQ MQTT Broker, InfluxDB, Node-Red and Grafana.

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Find on balenaHub

Find different Applications and blocks using HiveMQ services on balenaHub and get inspired!

HiveMQ4 block
HiveMQ is a popular MQTT broker messaging platform for IoT.

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MING Stack with HiveMQ
HiveMQ Industrial Gateway with the MING stack.

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HiveMQ Edge
Edge is an IIoT platform which consolidates industrial data.

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