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Build your IoT project with balena

The infrastructure you need to develop, deploy, and manage fleets of connected devices at scale.
Balena Cloud
Your first 10 devices are always free and full-featured.
Balena is for fleet owners
* fleet owner (n.): the person responsible for building and managing groups of connected IoT (Internet of Things) devices.
Whether your fleet has one device or one million, we have the tools to help you develop, deploy, and manage any IoT project at any stage.
We’ve solved the hard problems so you can focus on your application, not your infrastructure.
Flexible and configurable
Use our entire platform, or pick and choose the components you need.
Built for containers
Benefit from the power of Linux containers, optimized for the edge.
No two IoT projects are the same. We support many devices, networks, and setups.
Secure by design
Keep your fleet healthy with regular, reliable, and verifiable updates.
Field tested
We’ve honed our platform by working with thousands of fleet owners deploying devices to production.
Easy and agile
Who said embedded computing has to be hard? We use modern developer workflows from the cloud and web.
Device deployment and management infrastructure, hosted by balena.
Your first 10 devices are always free and full-featured.
The container-based platform for deploying IoT applications
Easily develop and deploy IoT applications, and remotely update and monitor your fleet from anywhere in the world.
Develop iteratively
Deploy with confidence
Manage at scale
Case Studies
The future of IoT is being built on balena
See how our customers are growing their fleets and getting to market faster with balena.
Real-time environment monitoring
Deploying to underwater drones with
Open ROV
Amazing automated 3D printing with NVBOTS.
End-to-end solution for the retail market.
How Pact Coffee uses Raspberry Pis to ship upto 4k coffee packs.
Pact Coffee
Using balena to bring customised photos to life.
Figure Devices
The core of balenaCloud - free and open source
Use our building blocks to create your own device deployment and management platform.
Easy to use
Open source software to manage
IoT devices
Open source tools
Start exploring the world of balena with our free, standalone, open source projects
Run Docker containers on embedded devices with a host OS tailored for containers and proven in production.
A Moby-based container engine for embedded and IoT use cases and compatible with Docker containers.
Flash OS images to SD cards & USB drives, safely and easily – simple for end users and works on any platform.
Need hardware? Look no further.
We built a carrier board based on the Raspberry Pi Compute Module, hardened for deployment in the field.
Reliable storage
Industrial power
Flexible networking
Balena Fin
A board build for fleet owners
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