balena monthly roundup - January 2021

Happy new year, dear readers! Let’s kick off the new year with some exciting news-- EtcherPro pre-orders are now open. Use it to flash up to 16 SD cards, USB sticks, or devices at once, without a computer. Order yours today. We added a few improvements to balenaCloud as

Introducing the new balenaCloud sidebar

During balena's Release Party 3, our team designed and deployed a new sidebar on balenaCloud in less than eight hours. This includes improvement of the menu experience and innovative breadcrumbs. Thanks to every teammate who contributed to redesign the sidebar. Better navigation for better fleet management We’ve been looking

Introducing balenaBlocks: jumpstart your IoT app development

Our mission at balena is to “reduce friction for fleet owners and unlock the power of physical computing”-- it’s what guides every balenista’s work. However, there’s still complexity to be found in developing applications, and we’re on our way toward solving this part of the

Balena introduces new collaboration and organization management features

We’ve been thinking a lot about how companies and teams work together on balenaCloud, and wanted to make it easier to collaborate without sacrificing control or security. The result of our work is a new top-level feature called Organizations. With this release, Organizations become central to device, application and

How to use Nvidia Jetson devices on balena

Access the full capabilities of Jetson devices in balenaCloud. Recent versions of balenaOS provide easy access to JetPack components, giving your containers access to the GPU’s power. Learn how to build a project to start accessing a world of AI tools, including CUDA and OpenCV, below. Hardware refresher Nvidia

balena monthly roundup - December 2020

Hello, readers! We’re excited to announce balenaHub: find and deploy ready-made edge and IoT projects made by product builders like you, or share your own app with the world. Try it out! From the lab, we show educators how to set up a Scratch server on a Raspberry Pi,

Holiday gift suggestions for the hardware hackers in your life

With the holidays right around the corner, I asked my balena colleagues to suggest gift ideas for the tech-minded people in their lives -- and yours -- and they came up with some interesting stuff. Some of these things you might want for yourself, so consider it a list for

Analyze sounds using AI on the edge and fleet intelligence, Part 1

Can we use AI to help us identify and quantify noise pollution? In this project, we’re using a Coral Dev Board or a Raspberry Pi 4 with an attached Edge TPU to listen to ambient sounds 24/7 and categorize them for us. We’ll also demonstrate how we

Introducing balenaHub: an easier way to find and publish apps and projects for edge devices

Now you can find IoT and edge projects created by other product builders, like you. Simply go to balenaHub, find a project that you want to try, add your devices, and begin. We built this feature as part of our second Release Party. Massive thanks for every teammate who contributed

Build a Scratch server using a Raspberry Pi and balena

Ever wonder what an 8-year-old child would build if you taught them balena? Building their very own Scratch server is at the top of the list. All it took was some encouragement, a Raspberry Pi, and some simple steps. For parents and educators who want to start quickly, our tried-and-true