Setting up a dashboard with balenaDash

This is a short guide on how to set up a dashboard to use with our balenaDash project. If you've not yet built one, check out the guide too! Freeboard Freeboard is a great way to get started with a dashboard quickly; they give you a 30 day free trial

Using Google Slides with balenaDash

Set up your balenaDash display with a slideshow using Google Slides A fun thing you can do with your display is to have a slideshow of photos, from your last trip to Europe, Thanksgiving with the family or simply some inspirational pictures. For this, you can use Google Slides, so

Assembling the official Raspberry Pi touchscreen

This is a guide to cover connecting and configuring the official Raspberry Pi 7" touchscreen, along with rotating the LCD output in balenaCloud There are a few connections to make from the display controller board to the Raspberry Pi. This includes the flat/ribbon cable for the video signal, and

Make a web frame with Raspberry Pi in 30 minutes

Try balenaDash, a simple project to quickly get you up and running with a web frame to display family photos, dashboards, videos, and more. Introduction balenaDash is a Raspberry Pi powered digital photo/web frame with a difference! It can display a fully GPU accelerated web page or app of

Build a Bitcoin traffic light with balenaCloud

Follow along and build your own as we hack a traffic light to make a cool Bitcoin value indicator for your desk or office using a Raspberry Pi and balenaCloud. Bitcoin (₿) was initially released at the beginning of January 2009 by an unknown person/group with the codename of

Happy anniversary, team balena!

This Friday, November 9th 2018, marks 5 years since we first successfully ran Docker on a Raspberry Pi. This was a huge breakthrough in the world of edge computing. For the first time, we could use containers to run applications on what was, and has become even more so, the changes name to balena, releases open source edition

Today we’re excited to announce that is becoming balena. That’s right, we’re changing our name! Coinciding with the new name, we’re also releasing a beta version of openBalena, the open source edition of our core platform. Our team just returned home from our annual

S O NAH: Pioneering smart city tech with

S O NAH are pioneering at the forefront of smart city technologies, and are using balena in their work to solve common city problems such as parking, restricted-area detection and traffic analysis (counting and classification). Their first product, S O NAH Parking, is designed to detect empty parking spaces and

Add a cheap ILI9341 LCD to your balena Raspberry Pi project

Whilst looking for easy ways to provide live data output from my project, we discovered that a family of small and inexpensive LCDs are available from all the usual online suppliers. The displays come in a few variations ranging from 2.4” to 2.8”, with and without a touchscreen,

Google Cloud IoT and

This post was written in partnership with our friends at Google IoT Overview In this tutorial, we'll show you how to integrate Google Cloud IoT Core with balena. This will enable you to gather and analyze device telemetry data in the Google Cloud Platform, while remotely managing and updating your