Adding deprecation policies to balena-sdk and CLI

We now have a deprecation policy on balena-sdk and balena-cli. If you or your teams use these modules, you’ll want to upgrade to at least one of the following versions: balena-sdk (node) v12.12.0 balena-sdk-python v7.8.0 balena-cli v11.13.0 Please see our documentation for more

Turn a Raspberry Pi into a Wi-Fi access point or repeater

Remote work brings more opportunity to tackle projects from different parts of the home. However, without strong enough Wi-Fi strength, your productivity might sink. Use this project to create a Wi-Fi access point or repeater out of a Raspberry Pi so you can improve signal coverage while working from home

Deprecation of Python 2 base images in balenalib

As of January 1st, 2020, the Python Software Foundation announced the sunsetting of the Python 2. This means that from that date there will be no further improvements, even if someone were to identify a security risk. Their very strong recommendation is to upgrade to Python 3 as soon as

Check yourself for a fever with this DIY thermal scanner

Many people all over the world do not have immediate and easy access to health care. For some, that means thinking of creative ways of contributing toward taking better care of ourselves and improving response times to reacting to potential illness, like via this handheld, personal body temperature detector. GitHub

balena monthly roundup - May 2020

Hey there, everyone! In case you missed it, we launched Fold for Covid-- an easy way to contribute your spare computing power (PCs, laptops, single-board devices) to Rosetta@home and support vital COVID-19 research. Check it out and #jointhefold!For the tinkerers out there, we launched an LED Alerter project

WiFi-enable USB printers with a Raspberry Pi and share it over your network

Do you have a printer that only connects using USB? Wish you could print from your phone, tablet or a computer from another room? Turn a Pi into an AirPrint-friendly printer server! This guide will walk you through setting up and sharing your printer using a Raspberry Pi so you

Put friends and loved ones on the big screen with this instant video call project

Maybe you know someone who doesn’t know their Hangouts from their Skype, or who doesn’t have any internet connected devices at all, but would love to see you on a video call. How about connecting a TV and webcam to a Raspberry Pi and turning it into a

Balena enables more devices to join Rosetta@Home to research COVID-19

Editor's Note: Today the Balena team announced the Fold for Covid project, a simple way for anyone to contribute spare compute power from home to support research of COVID-19 treatments. For more background on how and why we created the project, here’s our Developer Advocate, David Tischler. Like many

Build an “LED Alerter” for your remote work office setup

With many people now working from home due to recent events, it would be useful to have a device that alerts household members when we are on a call, in a meeting, or are otherwise preoccupied. In this tutorial we will build a web-controlled set of LEDs that you can

balena monthly roundup - April 2020

Let’s start by sharing some of the amazing work balena customers are doing to improve accessibility to home testing for COVID-19, advance disease research tools, and increase access to medical equipment. We also asked our own team of experts at balena (we’re 100% remote) directly for work-from-home tips