Introducing balenaPodcast, an interview with Eben Upton, Founder of the Raspberry Pi Foundation

Pretty exciting news here: we launched a podcast! We had the opportunity to record a one-on-one chat with Alexandros Marinos, balena Founder and CEO, and Eben Upton, Founder of the Raspberry Pi Foundation for our very first episode. The two talked shop about how hardware manufacturers manage the global component

balena monthly roundup - June 2021

Hello, dear readers! We’re pretty excited about launching Open Fleets, which are all available on balenaHub and ready to try. Available on Spotify and other major podcast apps, we launched the first episode of our'>balenaPodcast series. You can also learn

Five ways you can contribute to the balena community

Calling all balenaCloud and openbalena users-- we’d love to hear from you and see what amazing things you’re doing with the platform. Learn five ways you can contribute to the balena community, share your work with the world, and get some cool swag while you’re at it.

Introducing Open Fleets and self-submitted apps and blocks on balenaHub

We are excited to introduce open fleets on balenaHub. Now any ambitious edge developer can create an Open Fleet, Project, or balenaBlock, self-submit it to balenaHub, and share it with the entire world. We launched these changes as part of a Release Party. Now anyone can contribute edge and IoT

balena monthly roundup - May 2021

Hello, dear readers! It’s been a busy month here at balena! Our 5th Release Party led to some changes to the look and feel of balenaCloud to help new users build their first project. We also explored why we created the audio, sensor, and pulse blocks to inspire edge

balenaBlocks in-depth: Sensor and Pulse

In this post, we introduce the sensor and pulse blocks, both designed to make it easy to bring data from sensors and other equipment into your projects. We’ll also look at the decisions made during the development of these blocks in order to keep their setup and usage simple,

Release Party: Making balena UX improvements to support new users

We're excited to introduce some UX improvements that can help new users starting with Deploy with balena on balenaHub. From application and release build speed improvements, to new UI elements, we added a number of new features to remove the friction from the first-time user experience. What’s a release

How balenaSound inspired the audio block

In this blog post, we’ll explain how the audio block came to be. We’ll put on our IoT fleet owner shoes, dive deep into balenaSound’s history, and show you how one of our most popular projects helped build the very first balenaBlock. As you may already know,

balena monthly roundup - April 2021

Hello, dear readers! This month we are introducing you to the first group of balena Ambassadors. We also held a Release Party that focused on getting the team together to improve our balenaCloud docs. Check out this month’s community spotlights, some new blocks on balenaHub, and see our two

Release Party: Improving balenaCloud Docs

This Release Party featured balenistas banding together to improve the balenaCloud documentation. We explored how our team or the community could contribute to the docs, and made a little contest out of it while learning a few things along the way. What’s a release party? Our team gets together