Build an “LED Alerter” for your remote work office setup

With many people now working from home due to recent events, it would be useful to have a device that alerts household members when we are on a call, in a meeting, or are otherwise preoccupied. In this tutorial we will build a web-controlled set of LEDs that you can

Delta updates now standard on all new balenaCloud IoT devices

Updating IoT devices in the field presents fleet owners with the dual challenges of pushing out binaries over minimal network bandwidth connections and reducing downtime while changes are applied. balenaCloud’s newly enabled deltas by default feature tackles both problems by automatically delivering lightweight changes that can be applied to

balena monthly roundup - April 2020

Let’s start by sharing some of the amazing work balena customers are doing to improve accessibility to home testing for COVID-19, advance disease research tools, and increase access to medical equipment. We also asked our own team of experts at balena (we’re 100% remote) directly for work-from-home tips

IoT professionals: define your role

If you’re like most IoT professionals, you’re something of a jack-of-all-trades who’s part full-stack engineer, edge developer, hardware specialist, network guru, data analyst, and visionary all rolled into one. But what do you call yourself? Just as “system administrator” doesn’t really tell the whole story anymore,

Local Mode and livepush make balenaCloud development powerfully fast

Developing containerized applications can be time-consuming, particularly when they have multiple services and you want to ensure they run properly on different platforms and IoT devices. With balenaCloud Local Mode and livepush, development happens right on your devices, allowing you to quickly iterate and see updated results immediately. When you

New to working remotely? Here are some tips from our global, fully-distributed team

Recent events have caused companies to enforce remote work policies, surprising many people around the world who might be used to going into the office. While it might seem easy to accomplish on paper, remote work comes with its own set of challenges. As a fully-distributed company, balena proudly nurtures

Build an AI-driven object detection algorithm with balenaOS and alwaysAI

This guide will show you how to set up a neural network model that runs an object detection algorithm in real time. We’ll be leveraging balenaOS and alwaysAI’s platform to greatly simplify the process. Some prep work In a previous article, we showed you how to easily get

Skycatch: navigating at-scale fleet management challenges using balena

Skycatch relies on balena to operate thousands of drones and edge devices that digitally image, process, and map industrial job sites. Learn how balena helps them remove the friction of at-scale device and fleet management so they can focus on serving customers and improve their unique GNSS and imagery platform.

balena monthly roundup - March 2020

Welcome dear reader-- we hope you’re having a marvellous day! This month, we’re excited to announce that we’ve released our Extended Support Release (ESR) process for balenaCloud. This is a massive step forward for fleet owners running projects on thousands of devices at scale using balenaCloud, giving

Get started with computer vision and machine learning using balenaOS and alwaysAI

We’ll show you a simplified overview of computer vision and deep learning, and the easiest way to get started using balenaOS and alwaysAI. This guide combines the powers of balena with alwaysAI’s platform to get a project up and running quickly on the Nvidia Jetson Nano. Go from