The unreasonable effectiveness of algorithms in boosting team happiness

Distributing shifts fairly and efficiently between a team of people has been a long standing challenge. With the rise of remote working and the distribution of teams across different time zones, this challenge has become exponentially more difficult. It’s an awful problem to solve by hand, but can be

Add new functionality to affordable CNC machines using CNC.js and balena

Here’s a simple way to add premium CNC machine features to low-cost options using CNC.js and balenaOS. Now you can outfit your shop with incredible maker tools without breaking the bank. Fundamentally, I’m a maker at heart. I’ve been making things for years, but it’s

Remotely managing and deploying to IoT devices at scale with balena

Learn how Bosch uses balena as part of their IoT fleet management and devops solutions. Bosch is a world leading multinational engineering and electronics company who invests heavily in IoT; developing innovative solutions for smart homes, cities and manufacturing. Part of this research and development is looking for new business

Device diagnostics are now open-source!

Following our announcement earlier this year, where we unveiled the new experimental diagnostics features, today we are happy to announce that on-device diagnostics are now also open-source. In addition to helping us solicit feedback more effectively, one of the main reasons for doing this is to offer our users even

balena monthly roundup - November 2019

Happy November, everyone! Welcome to another packed update from team balena. We’re all freshly back from our annual summit, which this year (for the second time) was in Barcelona, and we're ready for another year working hard to make life easier for all you IoT fleet owners out there.

Summit 2019, Barcelona: that’s a wrap

Last month we brought the entire balena team to Barcelona to meet, greet, hack on projects, plan for tomorrow, and have a great time together. Here are some highlights from balena’s 2019 annual summit. Why do we do this every year? Being a fully remote company, the annual summit

Beyond the cloud: Docker containers in space

On the 13th June 2019, a rocket launched from Kiruna, Sweden, carrying 280kg of scientific experiments; among them, a Raspberry Pi Zero running Docker containers on balenaOS. To our knowledge this is the first time a Moby/Docker container engine has been flown to space! Nico Maas, an IT Engineer

balena monthly roundup - October 2019

What’s happening, everyone? We hope you had a good month. It’s time for another update from balena-land. The first thing I want to mention this month is our Barcelona Hackathon 2019, tickets are selling fast and so if you want to join us, make sure to head over

Using Web Bluetooth to communicate with Bluetooth devices

Adding Bluetooth to your IoT project usually means developing native applications to interact with your devices. However, the new Web Bluetooth API specification allows web browsers to communicate directly with Bluetooth Low Energy devices. While the specification is not finalized yet, we can already experiment with it using Chrome on

Why is the balenaFin right for fleet owners? Part 2: Power

This is the second of a series of posts about the key features that make the balenaFin the right choice for fleet owners. For all those who are not familiar with the balenaFin, you can take a look at this introductory post. We’ve divided the series into three posts