N3uron IIoT x balena

Streamlining DataOps for Industrial Edge Devices with N3uron and balena

N3uron is an Industrial Edge Platform for DataOps.

Deploy N3uron at the Edge with balena to accelerate and scale the usage of factory floor data throughout the extended enterprise. Our off-the-shelf software runs on-premises at the data's source, scales from embedded to server-grade computing platforms, connects devices and applications via open standards and native connections, processes streaming data through standard models, and delivers contextualized and correlated information to all of the applications that require it. No more scripting.

No more troubleshooting and broken integrations with N3uron and balena. You can use see examples of N3uron IIoT applications on balenaHub.

Use cases

The MING Stack: The Power of balena and N3uron in Industrial Data Management

Deploying software updates and critical fixes, as well as performing scheduled maintenance across multiple Edge Nodes and vast geographical distances can be challenging.

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Remotely manage a Photovoltaic plant with an IIoT edge gateway running N3uron on balena

Learn how the principles of Industry 4.0 can be applied to a Solar Farm using IIoT edge gateways.  These technologies allow companies to keep innovating and creating value.

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From Edge to Cloud: Deploying N3uron and balena for future-ready power plants

How to deploy an innovative, fully-featured, scalable and cost-efficient end-to-end solution for the management of operational data generated by power plants.

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Find on balenaHub

Find different Applications and blocks using N3uron services on balenaHub and get inspired!

Deploy an historian with N3uron to manage large volumes of  data.

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N3uron is an Industrial Edge Platform for DataOps.

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Deploy an historian with N3uron on x86 devices.

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