Bring balenaCloud to your private environment 

balenaMachine is balenaCloud running in your network infrastructure. Same software, same features, only for your organization.

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Why balenamachine

Gain full control of users, devices, privacy and security

Data Isolation

Your devices will communicate with your balenaMachine. If you configure a local or virtual private network, access to these devices will be restricted and secured by your own infrastructure.

Private Networking

balenaMachine is capable of running in a partially “air-gapped” environment with no internet connectivity, making it ideal for remote locations, factory floors, private networks, etc.


Your users' personal data is not shared with balena, and our support agents won’t have access to your information unless you grant permission.


Get Premium support for operations of the balenaMachine instance through balenaCloud. Periodic updates with new releases of the backend services and balenaOS versions.


On-Prem IoT Management

On-Prem software license
A yearly subscription to a software license with the same features as balenaCloud
Continuous updates
Your balenaMachine will receive periodic updates to be updated with balenaCloud improvements. View our roadmap
Private builds and registry
Application builds will happen in your balenaMachine instance and stored in your system, without leaving your infrastructure
All device types
Receive Device-type image updates to keep you IoT fleet updated with kernel patches and improvements
Enhanced security
Secure connection from devices to balenaMachine through the built-in cloudLink, via internet or private networks
On-Prem support

Receive remote support from our agents to keep your balenaMachines running

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need?

You need an X86 machine capable of running balenaOS, a Production subscription to balenaCloud, a subscription to balenaMachine, be prepared for periodic updates of the balenaMachine software.

Does it need a connection to the open Internet?

You will need only a momentary connection to balenaCloud initially for the software deployment; then periodically to receive updates. If a connection to the internet is not possible, ask us about updating your offline balenaMachine.

How does it scale?

balenaMachine is designed to run on a single machines, so it scales only vertically as much as your machine’s capacity. Depending on your solution, we can work on a custom deployment to scale further.

How many devices does it support?

Since balenaMachine runs in a single machine, the number of devices it supports will depend on the machine’s capacity.

Does it work behind the great firewall?

Devices connecting to a balenaMachine deployed inside the great firewall won’t have problems. But challenges will arise if you require access from outside to operate balenaMachine.

How does balenaMachine handle data privacy?

All data needed by balenaMachine to allow users and devices to operate will live inside your environment. Balena’s support agents won’t have access to this data unless you explicitly grant access. Only the details of the balenaCloud account and balenaMachine fleet will be accessible by our agents as explained in our Terms of Service.

How do I receive balenaMachine updates?

Your balenaMachine will be a device in your balenaCloud account, and we will take care of pushing the new versions of balenaMachine when required. For this you will need to enable temporary access to the Internet.

How do I receive Device Type images updates?

The images for all the device types will be automatically downloaded from balenaCloud periodically. This will require connectivity through the network infrastructure, but it can be done temporarily only to receive the latest updates.