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Create and manage massive fleets of small devices

The secure container-based technology stack that enables you to develop, deploy, manage, and scale fleets of IoT Linux devices
Over-the-air updates
Full API & SDK
Linux kernel updates

Your first 10 devices are full-featured and always free

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An end-to-end IoT management solution


Robust and resilient updates for your fleet, managed remotely using the balenaCloud dashboard.


View the status and monitor deployments across your fleet in the balenaCloud Dashboard.


Diagnose, debug and resolve issues at the individual device level with a SSH connection for each device

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15 minutes
to create your first fleet of devices
types of devices supported, from Raspberry Pi to x86 to Jetson Orin
devices in a fleet built by one customer in a year

How balena works

A complete set of tools to build your fleet

Develop your application

Your application runs on a container-optimized OS which is secure, minimal, and purpose-built for remote edge devices
Use familiar developer tools
Use the language of your choice
Choose from 26,000+ IoT-focused base images
Test and iterate in seconds with development images
Get support developing your application

Deploy your application

Automatically deploy your application and updates to one device or your entire fleet
Push your code to automatically build images in the cloud
Optionally, your application can also use your existing Docker images
Benefit from application deltas to minimize bandwidth usage and deliver fast updates
Learn more about deploying your application

Manage your fleet

Monitor and manage all your devices remotely
Monitor the health of your fleet from your balenaCloud dashboard
Troubleshoot devices by viewing logs on your dashboard
Access your devices over a secure tunnel directly from your dashboard
Easily update the OS on your devices from your dashboard
Optionally run a single instance of balenaCloud inside of your secure network using balenaMachine
Learn more about managing your fleet

Scale your fleet

Balena is proven on fleets of hundreds of thousands of devices
Built-in mechanisms for provisioning devices at scale
Create specialized development tooling using our API
Use our CLI to hook into your existing CI/CD
Pricing scales down as you scale up
Support for custom carrier boards
Try balenaCloud for free

Features loved by our customers

Built with you in mind

Automate and simplify your workflow

Customize balenaCloud so that it works how you want it to by using our powerful API and SDKs

“We can scale much better and handle multiple devices instead of treating them individually - we don’t have to update the devices one by one. Moreover, the API is quite powerful and helps us automate quite a bit of our work. There’s no service we’re aware of that’s comparable."

Flavia Paganelli

Co-founder and Director of Engineering, 30MHz

Manage your fleet remotely

Save on engineering time by remotely updating your software, to as many devices as you have, through the balenaCloud dashboard.

“Being able to do software related tasks remotely, and managing and deploying to a large installed base are definitely the killer features of balena. This enables a very fast update cycle and therefore is a booster for the overall development speed of our services.”

Stefan Rauch

Software Engineer, Bosch

Proven in the field for over 10 years

Our solution to the challenge of IoT management has been tested in the field on our customer devices, we love hearing your feedback as we grow and develop our products.

"With balena, there’s a level of confidence that they’re making the right decisions and taking the right path in how they communicate and grow their platform. We’re closely aligned and we trust their approach and people.”

Pedro Silva

Head of Software and IoT, infarm

World class customer support

We do support a bit differently at balena: the same engineers who build balena day-in and day-out are the same people working to help you succeed on our support channels.

“I really love that balena’s support is well trained and technical. The first thing I do is reach out to technical support because I know they are going to figure it out. It really feels like balena is a collaborative partner in making our experience successful”


Product manager, Meow Wolf