Edge AI at Scale with Edge Impulse and balena

June 20th - 3 PM UTC

This 60 minutes webinar is an opportunity for embedded software engineers and AI or ML professionals to learn everything that you need to know about Edge AI at scale.

Discover how to manage a large fleet of Edge AI devices remotely, how to train and deploy ML models and learn how to add new services to improve the Edge experience.

Learn from real-world use cases and interactive Q&A sessions, attendees will have the opportunity to engage with our experts.
Get a deep dive into the Edge AI capabilities and considerations in large device fleets.
Enjoy an opportunity to engage fleet management and AI experts and ask questions.
Join a community of like-minded professionals focusing on the practical, technical side of innovations.


Eoin Jordan
- Senior Developer Relations at Edge Impulse

David Tischler - Senior Program Manager at Edge Impulse

Alan Boris - Edge AI Enablement Lead at

Marc Pous - Developer Advocate at