Your first ten devices are always
free and full-featured.
I want my plan to be billed
and save 10%


$1,188 /yr

First 1 Team member incl.
Add more
First 20 Devices incl.
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Standard support
Access to private support with balena engineers
Response SLA: Best effort


$3,588 /yr

First 3 Team members incl.
Add more
First 50 Devices incl.
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Standard support
Access to private support with balena engineers
Response SLA: Best effort


$15,588 /yr

First 5 Team members incl.
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First 100 Devices incl.
Add more - Discounts available

Premium support
Access to private support with balena engineers and priority ticketing.
Response SLA: 60 minutes


starts at
$35,988 /yr
Each IoT project is unique.
Let’s discuss your use case and craft a plan together and talk about:
  • Dedicated account management
  • 24/7 support
  • Onboarding and training
  • Quarterly product reviews
Additional devices
50 devices are included in Pilot plan.
Run a single container. No access to device URLs.
$ 1/ device / month
Run multiple containers and expose ports via Device URL.
$ 1.50/ device / month
We support 42 devices
We support the Raspberry Pi, Intel NUC, Nvidia Jetson TX2 and many more device types. Using a different board? Get in touch and we will work with you to get it supported.
Additional team members
3 team members are included in Pilot plan. You can add more members based on their role.
Read-only access to the application and its devices.
Everything Observers can do, plus full access to devices including the ability to SSH into devices, add and delete devices, and manage device environment variables.
$ 29/ member / month
Everything Operators can do, plus full access to the application code including the ability to push updates, create releases, download images and more.
$ 49/ member / month
Full access to the application, including the ability to manage application members, and delete the application.
$ 49/ member / month
Custom Device Support
Have you already deployed devices and would like to use balena? Or perhaps balena does not yet support your board?
Brownfield migration
Already have a fleet of devices deployed in the field?
No worries - we can help you remotely migrate your devices to the balenaCloud platform.
Contact us to learn more about our brownfield migration tools and services.
Support for custom devices
Don’t see your board on our supported devices list? Don’t worry! We can provide custom support for your Linux device. We will provide a quote for your specific board, but pricing generally starts at:
Initial Deployment
starts at
Ongoing Support
starts at
Tier 1
$1000/ month
Tier 2
$2000/ month
Tier 3
$3000/ month
Balena accelerate
Need help accelerating your project?
We've worked with hundreds of teams to help successfully grow their products from prototype to production.
Collaborate with our team of experts to scale rapidly and take full advantage of everything balena has to offer.
Training workshops
Learn balena best practices from our team of engineers and solution architects.
Account management
Check in with our team regularly to review status and answer questions.
Stack review
Get our input on the best hardware and software stack for your application.
Custom development
Have our engineers build new features or help develop your application.
man with tablet
Don’t see a plan that works for you?
Let's discuss your use case and craft a plan together.
Frequently asked questions

Can I try balena for free?
Yes! Your personal balena account is free for your first 10 devices.

What type of device is included in the free plan?

The Free plan includes 10 starter devices. Starter devices are any devices created within a default starter application. Starter applications are your playground to experiment with the full balena feature set.

These applications have exactly the same feature set as the microservices applications, and starter devices will behave just like microservices devices. The only limit on the starter applications is device count. You can have a maximum of 10 total devices shared across all the starter applications you create. To learn more, please see

I have ten devices on the free plan. Can I pay to add more devices without upgrading?
To add more devices, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan. Prototype plans include 20 devices, in addition to your 10 free starter devices. Pilot plans include 50 devices and Production plans include 100 devices. You can add devices as your fleet grows, although volume discounts are only available for Production plans and higher.

Are physical devices included in the plans?
When we talk about included devices we are referring to the logical device instances that are managed by balenaCloud. Physical devices are not included with any of the subscriptions and must be acquired by you.


What’s the difference between microservices and essentials devices?

Microservices devices are any devices created within a microservices application. A microservices device is capable of running multiple containers, enabling you to run a microservices architecture on your devices. This type of device also exposes an optional internet-accessible device URL. The microservices application type is what we recommend for most users and gives you the full power of container technology at the edge.

Essentials devices are any devices created within an essentials application. An essentials device is limited to a single container and doesn’t have access to the device URL functionality. Essentials application types are recommended for users looking for a more traditional over-the-air update solution, and do not run a microservices architecture.

To learn more, please see

Are the devices included in my Prototype or Pilot plan microservices devices or essentials devices?

The Prototype plan includes 20 devices and the Pilot plan includes 50 devices. These included devices can be either microservices devices, essentials devices, or a mix of both. It’s up to you and depends on what type of application(s) you choose to create.

For example, if you are on a Prototype plan, you could have one essentials application with 10 devices and one microservices application with another 10 devices; or one essentials application with 20 devices; one microservices application with 20 devices; etc. These are in addition to your 10 free full-featured devices.

How do I add more devices to my plan?
If you're already on a paid plan and need to add more devices, you can simply provision them to your account, and we will automatically bill you for additional devices. If you'd like to explore prepayment and volume discounts, which are available to Production plans and above, please contact

Can I add more devices to my Prototype plan?
Yes, though additional devices on the Prototype plan are priced higher than additional devices on Pilot and Production plans, as the Prototype plan is meant to be a "starter" plan for the early stages of your project. At a certain point it will make economic sense for you to upgrade to a Pilot plan than to continue paying for additional devices on the Prototype plan.

What happens if I go over the number of devices included in my paid plan?
If you go over the number of devices included in your plan, we will automatically bill you for those additional devices, according to the additional per-device price assigned to your plan. See for more details.

What about offline devices - do I have to pay for those too?
Any devices registered to a balena account, whether online or offline, count as a device in your plan. As always, we understand that each use case is unique, so please let us know if you think your use case is an exception.

Do you offer volume discounts on per-device pricing for large device fleets?
Yes! We offer volume discounts for customers on Production plans and above. If you are deploying a significant volume of devices, or have unique use case requirements, we are happy to tailor a pricing plan to suit your needs. Please contact us at to learn more.

I plan to passively manage my devices and don’t need all the per-device features. Do you offer a lightweight plan with lower per-device pricing?
We recognize that “not all devices are created equal,” and for customers who may have a large volume of devices with relatively lightweight needs, we are happy to explore custom options. Please contact us at to learn more.

What happens when I deactivate a device?
The device won't be counted towards your device total. We’ll charge a one-time deactivation fee, equivalent to the cost of a single device-month (e.g. $1.50 for a microservices device) and it will remain inactive until it comes back online.

I already have brownfield devices deployed in the field. Can I still use balena?
Yes! We've built tools to migrate brownfield devices from their existing stack to balena, and can adapt them to your specific use case. Contact to learn more about options for brownfield migrations.

Why do I need to pay recurring device support fees?
Recurring fees cover the cost of regular updates and testing for your custom device type, to ensure your device can be updated to the latest version of Balena OS and is able to take advantage of all the future product improvements. The recurring costs also cover your device being part of our device tree, so we can take your device into consideration when planning new features and product improvements.


How do I add more team members to my plan?
If you're already on a paid plan and need to add more team members you can simply invite them to your account, and we will automatically bill you for additional members. Note that you need to be on an Pilot plan or above to add additional team members.

Can I add more team members to my Free plan?
Free plans include one team member. To add more than 1 team member to your plan, you’ll need to upgrade to a Prototype, Pilot or Production plan, which starts with 1, 3 or 5 team members, respectively, and the ability to add more as your team grows.

Does an application owner count towards the team member count?
Yes, the number of team members counted towards your plan member count also includes the owner of the application. So, for example, if you create an application as the Owner and invite two Developers to your application, you have a total of three members.


How will I be billed?
By default, you will be billed via registered credit card at the beginning of a billing period according to the plan you have in place at that time. You will receive an invoice via email and can view past invoices on the billing interface in the dashboard.

Do you offer discounts for annual prepayments?
Yes, we provide discounts for annual prepayment on Production level plans and above. Please contact us at to learn more.

What if I downgrade my plan?
You can request a downgrade at any time and the downgrade will take effect at the start of the next billing cycle. We request that you unregister any devices or team members required to comply with the limits on the new downgraded plan. For customers who are otherwise in good standing, we will not forcibly remove or in any way restrict the devices on your account without first sending multiple notification attempts.

Do any of the plans require an annual commitment?
Yes, Production and Enterprise plans typically require an annual commitment, but can be billed monthly, quarterly, or annually.

Do you offer discounts for nonprofit and educational projects?
Yes! Please contact us at to learn more.


Do all team members in a plan with standard support have access to private support?
Yes! And we’re working on adding tools for team members within the same organization to access all of their organization’s support interactions in one place.

What response time do you guarantee with a service level agreement (SLA)?
For SLA-level support, our guaranteed response times are as low as 60 minutes for high severity tickets. Please contact us at to learn more.