OWASYS x balena

Owasys and balena join forces to offer you a powerful and intuitive IoT solution!

Owasys is a design and manufacturing engineering company in the IoT market that has been leading the development of Advanced Wireless Devices for the last 20 years. Thanks to our new partnership, balenaOS is now compatible with Owasys’ powerful owa5X Platform, offering Containerization and Telematics capabilities to the market.

The owa5X is a Wireless Linux Embedded Computer built on an Edge processing platform, the NXP iMX8MP. owa devices are open and customizable, so they adapt to the needs and requirements of each sector or application, providing our partners unlimited possibilities on the acquisition of operational data from moving objects and remote distributed asset management.

Thanks to its robustness and IP67 / IP6K9K rating, the owa5X IoT gateway is particularly suitable for use in construction and agricultural machinery, off-highway vehicles, hazardous goods, transport and industrial equipment, compressors, generators and more.

This new partnership between Owasys and balena will allow you to take advantage of all the power contained in the owa platform with dedicated VPU, GPU and NPU processors, using the balenaCloud device management platform.

Configure any application you need in record Time to Market, thanks to Balena's robustness and OTA functionalities!

Supported devices

Balena currently runs on the owa5X Platform. Take advantage of the owa5X Embedded Computer built with the NXP iMX8MP and balena.

If you’re curious about our ability to support a particular type of hardware, please do get in touch!

owa5x (NXP iMX8MP)

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