NVIDIA jetson x balena

Push the boundaries of edge computing with NVIDIA and balena.

Balena is proud to support the full NVIDIA® Jetson™ family of modules on our balenaCloud platform.

Powered by NVIDIA GPU technology, the Jetson modules combine unbeatable performance and efficiency into a tiny form factor, bringing the power of AI, deep learning, and inference to embedded systems at the edge.

Combined with balenaCloud’s development, deployment and device management platform, developers can deploy complex AI and ML applications to thousands of devices in the blink of an eye.

Try edge AI with one of these projects

Deploy one of our edge AI-focused projects that feature the Jetson Nano, balena, and a number of leading edge AI solutions.

Get started with balena + Jetson

Containerize the libraries required to start your next AI project using balena and Jetson devices.

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Use a Jetson Nano and OpenDataCam to quantify your world with AI

Track and quantify moving objects using a Jetson Nano, a webcam, and OpenDataCam.

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Build AI-driven object detection with a Jetson Nano and AlwaysAI

Use prepackaged model detection libraries by AlwaysAI to quantify objects within an image.

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Supported devices

Balena supports the full portfolio of Jetson modules, in addition to a number of third-party carrier boards such as the Connect Tech Orbitty and Spacely. Read more about the three core Jetson devices below; each is a complete System-on-Module (SOM), with CPU, GPU, PMIC, DRAM, and flash storage.

If you’re curious about our ability to support a particular type of hardware, please do get in touch!


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Getting Started

To set up, deploy and manage your NVIDIA devices with balenaCloud, check out our getting started guide.

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