google coral x balena

Build and manage an intelligent AI fleet with Coral and balena

Balena is proud to support the Coral Dev Board from Google on our balenaCloud platform.

Use the Coral Dev Board when you need to perform fast machine learning (ML) inferencing using a small form factor. Each board features high-speed ML inferencing optimized for TensorFlow and AutoML Vision Edge.

Coral + balena simplify how edge developers provision, deploy, and manage their AI projects. Whether it’s working with early prototypes, or in production environments with many thousands of devices, we’re ready to help.

Try local AI with one of these projects

Create a streaming camera feed using local AI

Deploy a streaming camera feed with real-time people detection using a Coral product and balenaCloud.

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Analyze sounds using AI on the edge and fleet intelligence

Use this project to analyze sounds and classify them at the edge for use cases like monitoring noise pollution or predicting mechanical failure.

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Supported devices

Balena supports the Coral Dev Board. Check out their specific documentation for more details. If you’re curious about our ability to support a particular type of hardware, please do get in touch!

Coral Dev board

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Getting Started

Check out our Getting Started with Coral documentation to get familiar with using your Coral product and balena.

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