boundary x balena

Boundary and balena put your edge projects on the fastest path to success

Balena is proud to support the Boundary Nitrogen8M Mini on our balenaCloud platform.

The Nitrogen8M Mini features a quad-core i.MX 8M_Mini processor, up to 4GB of LPDDR4 RAM, and up to 128GB eMMC storage. An accessory kit option is also available, offering a 5V Power Supply, 8GB microSD card with Linux OS, Battery, and Serial Console Cable.

Combine the Nitrogen8M Mini with balenaCloud's simple and scalable development, deployment and device management platform. Create fleets, develop applications, provision, deploy, and manage multiple edge devices friction-free.

Supported devices

Balena currently supports the Nitrogen8M Mini SBC and SOM boards. We can also work with your teams to design custom hardware for your next IoT project-- just get in touch!

If you’re curious about our ability to support a particular type of hardware, please do get in touch!

Nitrogen8M Mini SBC

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Getting Started

To set up, deploy and manage your Boundary devices with balenaCloud, check out our getting started guide.

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