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balenaBlocks built for balenaCloud

balenaBlocks are pre-built container images which developers can add to their multicontainer apps to provide useful functionality. Their aim is to reduce the friction of creating IoT applications which enables rapid prototyping and development. These intelligent, drop-in chunks of functionality are built to handle the basics, allows you as developers to focus on solving the hard problems. You can read more about balenaBlocks on our blog.

Name Description
electron Provides handy functionality for running electron apps in kiosk mode; wifi config, file picker, on-screen keyboard and removable drive management.
cloud-config balenaCloud application used to configure balenaOS from supported metadata services
template-js A NodeJS Template for building/testing/releasing balenablocks. Example provides an express template but can be used for any self-publishing blocks.
ca-private Certificate authority based on CloudFlare's PKI/TLS toolkit.
blocks Accelerate your IOT app development on balena with these drop-in chunks of functionality
cert-manager Certificate manager with Let's Encrypt DNS validation and private CA support

To find the complete list of blocks to try and deploy, head to balenaHub!