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Deploy with balena button

The Deploy with balena button allows users to perform a single-click deployment and configuration of an application to balenaCloud.

Deploy with balena

Clicking the Deploy with balena button opens the balenaCloud dashboard with a modal window pre-populated with everything required to deploy the application. Clicking the Advanced toggle in the modal window allows adding additional configuration options. If the project has provided configuration variables via a configuration file, they are pre-populated.

Clicking Create and deploy creates a new application and generates a release. Any devices added to the application will immediately download and begin running the release.

Note: Currently git submodules are not supported and will not build properly.

Adding a deploy with balena button to a project

You can add the Deploy with balena button to any project that can be deployed to balenaCloud. To add the button to a project repository, add the following to, for example, the project repository's file:


If the button is contained within a project repository, the URL of the repository will be automatically detected. In the case where you wish to link to a project from a different source, such as a blog post, you can customize the button's behavior through the use of query string parameters.

Query string parameters

You can further customize the behavior of the Deploy with balena button by providing additional URL parameters. The following URL parameters are available and may be appended to the link:

  • repoUrl - The URL of the project repository.
  • tarballUrl - The URL of the project tarball. Automatically determined from repoUrl if not provided.
  • configUrl - The URL of the configuration file of the application. Automatically determined from repoUrl if not provided.

balena.yml configuration file

Through the use of a balena.yml config file, you may also provide application configuration and environment variables. If provided, they are pre-populated in the advanced modal dialog when using the Deploy with balena button.

The file should be named balena.yml and be located in the root of the project repository, or the configUrl link must be specified. A full example of the balena.yml file is shown below:

repoUrl: ""
tarballUrl: "https://url-pointing-to-a-tarball.tar.gz"
 - RESIN_HOST_CONFIG_gpu_mem: 128
 - CUSTOM_VALUE: my_value

Note: You do not need to specify the tarballUrl and repoUrl as part of the config file since those are determined automatically from the repository.