Contribute to balenaOS

There are many ways to contribute to balenaOS, based on your skills and interests. Whether you are an embedded linux expert or a casual user, you can find areas where you can make a big difference!

Testing and Bug Reports

Nobody likes buggy software! If you encounter any problems while using balenaOS, you can submit an issue on github. Please include as much information about the problem as possible.

The same applies for the balenaOS board support repositories as well, if you are reporting issues specific to particular hardware.

Submitting Fixes

If you check out the issues reported for balenaOS, and you find any that you feel you’d like to fix, you can submit a Pull Request with your proposed change. Please observe the Contribution Guidelines.

The same applies for the balenaOS board support repositories as well, if you are fixing issues specific to particular hardware.

Support for Additional Boards

BalenaOS is intended to work with any kind of board that fulfills some basic hardware requirements (see our Supported Boards list for currently supported devices). If you have any other board that you’d like to see on that list, please check our board support contribution guide for more details. You’ll need to be familiar with Yocto, and the board you are adding.


BalenaOS is quickly evolving, and having good documentation that keeps up with the changes is crucial. If you find any information that is incomplete or missing, you can submit improvements to our documentation on Github!


Tutorials, how-to guides, and blog posts regarding using balenaOS are always welcome. This would help us figure out how to make balenaOS more usable for everyone, and also help new users to get started. If you have any tutorials and guides, please let us know in the balena forums.