What is the balenaFin?

The balenaFin has been designed with field deployment in mind. It is a carrier board for the Raspberry Compute Module 3 and 3+ Lite (CM3L/CM3+L), that can run all the software that the Raspberry Pi can run, hardened for field deployment use cases.

Balena Fin

Raspberry Pi Compute Module

The balenaFin supports the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 and 3+ lite (CM3L/CM3+L).


The storage on the balenaFin is based on an industrial grade eMMC storage with 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB options available.


The balenaFin features a wide input voltage range (6V-24V), especially suitable for applications where a reliable 5V is usually not available.


The balenaFin includes a low-power co-processor (32-bit ARMĀ® Cortex M4) with Bluetooth support. The co-processor can run on its own or in parallel and allows the main processor to be powered on and off programmatically. This is especially useful in applications where low power consumption or real-time processing is required.


The balenaFin's wireless chip supports 802.11ac/a/b/g/n WiFI and Bluetooth 4.2 (including SMART features). There is a dual-band embedded antenna included in the board and an external antenna connector for improved signal coverage.


The Mini PCI express port on the Fin expands the connectivity capabilities to a number of different modules (4G LTE, Zigbee, LoRa, additional storage, RS232/485, CANbus). The 4-pin USB header allows a wide set of possible design applications such as additional storage, secondary ethernet port, multimedia readers, additional radio interfaces, etc. The co-processor 18-pin header allows analog and time-sensitive I/O

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