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Balena Seed Projects

Programming Language Seed Projects

Below is a list of simple 'Hello, World' projects written in a number of different programming languages, which are designed to form the basis of your own projects written in each language.

The projects use Dockerfiles to install packages and configure the local environment as needed for each language. This step is performed on the build server and the finished product is pushed to your devices.

A link is provided for each project's individual Dockerfile below for easy customisation.

Installing a Project

To install a project you will need a balena account with an application set up ready to receive code. See the getting started and deployment guides for details on how to do this.

To deploy a project simply clone it and push it to your application's balena endpoint. E.g. for the Text to Speech Converter project:-

git clone
git remote add balena [endpoint]
git push balena master



This is a simple Hello, World project for node.js designed to act as a basis for future work. It demonstrates how to install native Linux packages and configure your application.


This seed project runs a simple Express.js server on port :80. It is slightly different from the simple-nodejs project as it includes a Dockerfile, this allows for more flexibility at build time and better caching of builds.



Hello World written in Python using a custom Dockerfile.


This seed project runs a simple Flask server on port :80.


Repository by Martin Calsyn

Hello World written in C# using a custom Dockerfile.

Martin is also currently building out a series of .net balena examples, you can view his progress here

NOTE: This project can be adapted to target any .net language.



Hello World written in Java using a custom Dockerfile.

NOTE: This project can be adapted to target any JVM language.



Hello World written in Scala using a custom Dockerfile. Uses SBT to fetch the Scala runtime.



Hello World written in Ruby using a custom Dockerfile.



This is a simple seed project for getting started with Go on the Intel Edison. The project use GB to build the project and it's dependencies in the Dockerfile.

Note: This project will not build on any of the ARM architecture board. Currently, this project will only work on the Intel Edison.

balena Golang Image Example

This project contains examples of how to use balena Golang images on devices supported by Balena.

You can use Project Flogo to develop IoT edge applications with no code using a graphical development web UI.

This hello world for Flogo helps you to get started.