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Balena example projects

Below is a selection of "Hello world" examples and feature demonstrations for a wide variety of device types and languages when using balena.

Name Description
multicontainer-getting-started Get up and running quickly with a multicontainer setup on balena
balena-node-hello-world Run a simple express server with balena
staged-releases demonstration scripts on how to use the API to do staged releases to a fleet of devices.
x11-window-manager Example project showing how to run a desktop manager with balenaCloud in order to run GUI applications.
balena-python-hello-world A simple Hello World server with Python Flask
balena-aws-lambda Associate balena devices with AWS IoT when they ping a lambda endpoint
balena-rust-hello-world Example of how to deploy Rust code on a balena supported device.
coral-streaming-object-detector This example will help you deploy a streaming camera feed with realtime people detection using the Coral Edge TPU for on-device ML inferencing.
wifi-connect-api Example Python web application that uses WiFi Connect's JSON API
balena-aws-device Device portion of balena/AWS integration
balena-timezone Example of how to set the timezone within a container
balena-go-hello-world Example of how to deploy Go code on a balena supported device.
google-iot Google Cloud IoT integration
jetson-nano-sample-app Sample App with instructions for Jetson Nano
balena-java-hello-world Hello Java in balena
device-cloud-logging An example of using the journald log streaming endpoint on balena-supervisor
balena-storage Sample project to showcase storage mounting on balenaOS.
balena-multiapp-project Sample project to demonstrate how to integrate several existing balena projects in one
balena-cpp-hello-world Example of how to deploy C++ code on a balena supported device.
device-tags Examples on how to use the balena API & SDK to set device tags from within your app.
baletheus Balena Service Discovery for Prometheus
balena-device-node-exporter On-device node_exporter
balena-netdata Netdata configuration for internal on-device monitoring
balena-datadog Balena + Datadog Example Project
balenalib-systemd-example Example project using systemd with balenalib images
wifi-connect-custom-ui-example An example on how to customize the captive portal of WiFi Connect
balena-idling Likely the most minimalist project to deploy on a balena device
hostapd-enterprise Resin multicontainer hostapd-powered access point with WPA-EAP (Enterprise) authentication
balena-aws-iot-mqtt-example Sample project showing how to connect your Balena device to a AWS IoT MQTT broker
nginx-reverse-proxy Access multiple ports over public URL using nginx reverse proxy.
balena-google-apps-script-sheet-skeleton Skeleton template for google sheets projects.
balena-updates-lock Example project of simple updates locking
balena-haskell-hello-world Getting started with haskell on balena
healthcheck-publicurl Demo of Docker healthcheck functionality for a balena service (through public device URL)
hostapd-minimal Minimal hostapd access point example for
balena-aspnet-core A simple multi-container-ready project demonstrating the use of the Microsoft ASP.Net Core 2.2 framework
google-coral-dev-sample Sample Application running in container on BalenaOS, for the Google Coral Dev Board
meta-exporter The People's Exporter
tx2-sample-app Jetson TX2 Sample Application
sample-gcr-registry-secrets Sample balena push/deploy with Google Container Registry (GCR) private images
balena-c-hello-world Getting started with C on balena
tx2-container-contracts-sample Sample TX2 application with optional containers tied to device L4T version
balena-nginx-hello-world Simple nginx example on balena
balena-ts-node-hello-world A simple TypeScript Node.js Express server
test-bluetooth Test case for internal bluetooth on various boards (artik5, artik710 etc.)
rpi3-alsa-test Test case for 3.5 audio jack on the rpi3
alwaysai-starter-apps Sample project to showcase how to run alwaysAI starter apps in balenaOS.
balena-poll-publicurl Poll a device publicURL forever.
remote-local-logging Receiver of logs
coral-getting-started A getting started example project for on balenaCloud
jetson-nano-x11 Jetson Nano X11 Example
ROS-AutonomousVehicle Sample project to show ROS autonomous vehicle running in a balena container.
jetson-examples Sample applications for the Jetson Nano, TX2, Xavier AGX and Xavier NX platforms
balena-ros2-foxy-base A basic installation of ROS2 Foxy in a container, ready to deploy on balena devices.
balena-ros2-foxy-desktop An installation of ROS2 Foxy in a container, with a full desktop environment, ready to deploy on balena devices.
balena-ros2-CUDA-trt-pose-estimation An installation of ROS2 Eloquent in a container, with a full desktop environment, CUDA, PyTorch, OpenCV, and TensorRT ready to deploy computer vision ROS applications on balena devices.

To find the complete list of projects to try and deploy, head to balenaHub!