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Projects Built on Balena

Installing a Project

To install a project you will need a balena account with an application set up ready to receive code. See the getting started and deployment guides for details on how to do this.

To deploy a project simply clone it and push it to your application's balena endpoint. E.g. for the Text to Speech Converter project:

git clone
git remote add balena [endpoint]
git push balena master


These are some awesome projects built using balena and are a lot more fully featured and complete than the code snippets.

Digital Temperature Logger

Repository by Shaun Mulligan

A Firebase-backed Digital Temperature Logger, written in Node.js, allowing you to connect devices with multiple temperature sensors to a central cloud-based datastore.

Audio Stock Ticker


This is a simple Node.js project built on balena. It should work on all versions of the Raspberry Pi.

The audio stock ticker will verbally announce a list of your favorite stocks every couple of minutes or hours, depending on how you configure it.

Process and Device Health Monitor


This is a simple example project for balena which demonstrates how to use pm2 on your device to keep a process running forever and monitor your devices health. For the full story check our blog post about it.

Cloud Synchronized Streaming Radios


Build your own version of Sonos cloud synchronized speakers using Grooveshark, some Raspberry Pis, Node.js and balena. It also has an awesome frontend web app [link] that allows you to search and queue up songs in a playlist so that all the rooms in your house are in perfect harmony.


Repository by Aleksis Brezas

Sets up a samba share that you can use to send and receive files to your Raspberry Pi. You can use this project as a template to add file sharing capabilities to your projects.

Text to Speech Converter


A simple application that makes your device speak out loud.


Repository by Craig Mulligan

A toilet queueing app for serious poopers. Uses balena, firebase and twilio to notify people when the toilet is open - runs on the RPI.


Repository by Shaun Mulligan

A Node.js project for displaying integer values from a JSON endpoint on a MAX7219 7-segment display.

GrovePi Humidity sensor and OLED display


This python project logs humidity and temperature data to a small OLED display and the balena dashboard. It uses the GrovePi addon board to interface with the sensors.

Google Coder


Balena-enabled version of Google's excellent Coder project which makes it easy to develop web projects on your device.



A tool for controlling a camera using a foot switch in order to capture shots in which people appear to be flying.

Web Controlled Desk Lamp

Repository by Shaun Mulligan

Allows you to control a simple desk lamp from your browser anywhere in the world.

Warning!!! This project uses a relay to switch on and off mains power. So some level of familiarity with electronics is required.


Repository by Aleksis Brezas

A project which allows you to use your devices as a CCTV camera system which hooks into Dropbox.

Squeezebox Player

Repository by Praneeth Bodduluri

A project which allows you to play squeezebox media through your devices.

Salesforce Temperature Probe

Repository by Shaun Mulligan

Example application for interfacing with a temperature probe using

SMS to Speech

Node.js: Repository by Alexandros Marinos Python: Repository by Nikitas Chronas

A simple tool which uses Twillio to read out incoming SMS messages. More information on this blog post.

Simple Digitiser Kiosk

Repository by Praneeth Bodduluri

Displays values from a JSON endpoint on your browser in kiosk mode (based on this blogpost.)

Deployment guide for DockerHub images

Repository by nghiant2710

Balena offers you the flexibility to deploy your application from a custom Dockerfile which allows you to define your own development environment.

Freely constructing the environment gives you all the power but sometimes takes a lot of time to create a proper Dockerfile for your application. Why not save your effort by utilizing existing Docker images instead of building from scratch, balena allows you to use Docker image from Docker Hub which contains many repos of pre-built Docker image.

Safe-deposit box with Two-Factor Authentication


A safe-deposit box that requires 2FA to open (inputting a passcode and an SMS code). Powered by a balena Raspberry Pi 2, and using Authy for 2FA. More information on this blog post.

Slack Lunchbot

Repository by thibmaek

A Slack bot that picks a lunch place for a team. Written in Node.js using ES6 and Botkit to quickly assemble the bot and its responses. Read the writeup on our blog

Community Built Projects

These are just some of the awesome projects built by balena users.

RPI Humidity and Temperature Logger

Repository by joscha

This is project allows you to log humidity and temperature data from a simple sensor and stores that data in a firebase backend.


Repository by faureh

This is a fairly complex project that uses OpenCV and python to do facial recognition of users of an office rubbish bin. It can then be used to keep track of who is not behaving well and emptying the bins when they should be. It was submitted as part of a IoT hackathon in London, called Seedhack.

Zettajs Integration

Repository by zettajs

This is a simple demo of how one can deploy a zetta.js project on a raspberry pi or beaglebone black using balena.

Pi Miner

Repository by Chris Continanza

A bitcoin miner for the Raspberry Pi.


Repository by efwe

A simple tool for reading temperatures from a USB-enabled thermometer. This project is used as the backend to efwe's awesome temperature visualization at

Uptime Robot Dashboard

Repository by secanis

A dashboard which is visualizing the Uptime Robot API on a Raspberry Pi, deployed via balenaCloud. This dashboard can be used on TVs or on monitors.