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Organization management

In balenaCloud, users manage applications and collaborate in organizations. An organization is a group of members, teams, and applications and is managed by one or more organization administrators. An organization can have any number of members that can be grouped into teams and granted varying levels of access to its applications according to their assigned role.

Administrators are implicitly granted the ability to perform any possible action to the organization and its associated resources. Actions include inviting and removing members, managing applications, teams, and billing of the organization.

Each user can create or be a member of an unlimited number of organizations. A organization is automatically created upon user registration, and the user is assigned as its administrator. This organization is named after the user's balenaCloud username and is managed like any other but currently cannot be deleted.

Billing applies to each organization separately. Administrators can upgrade an organization at any time to the appropriate billing plan as needed.

What can you do with organizations?

With organizations, you can:

  • Invite users to an organization as members, and group them in teams.
  • Manage access control at the team level, associating applications with teams.
  • Grant application access to teams or individual members in bulk.
  • Granular access control at the application level to assign, modify or revoke user roles when needed.

Creating a new organization

To create a new organization, navigate to your balenaCloud dashboard and click the Organizations tab on the sidebar.

Organizations tab

Next, click the Create Organization button to get the create organization modal below. Fill in the name of your organization, and you are all set. This is also the page where you can check all organizations that you have access to. The user creating an organization is, by default, given administrator access to that organization.

Organizations tab

Only administrators can delete an organization. Alternatively, anyone can leave an organization by clicking the Leave organization button on the organization summary page.

Managing roles & access in an organization

The roles inside the organization give granular control over access & visibility to the user. These roles can be assigned when inviting new members to your organization:

  • Administrator: Full access to the organization, its applications, and all devices inside them. Administrators also have access to organization's invoices, payment methods, and subscription plan. Administrators can assign roles for incoming members, group them into teams, and grant application access to those teams with granular control over which roles are being assigned at the application level.

  • Member: Members are granted read-only access to an organization with explicit access to its applications and teams. Administrators assign roles on the application level. Members have no visibility over other applications and teams that they haven't been assigned access to.

Inviting members to an organization

With your organization created, let's invite some members. Only the administrator can invite users to an organization. To invite, click the Manage members button on the organization summary dashboard. On the page that opens, click the Invite member button to open the Invite organization member modal. Here, you can either add users with their email address or with their balena username after assigning them roles in your organization. Click Add member to invite the user to your organization.

Invite Organization Member Modal

Depending on the role assigned, they can access and manage both apps and other members inside the organization. To change a member's role, navigate to the Organization Members tab in the sidebar. Next, change the Organization role of the desired user using the dropdown list against their username.

Change Organization Member Roles

Creating teams in your organization

Organization members can be grouped into teams. Teams provide the means to manage members according to their function effectively. Only administrators can create, modify or delete teams.

To create a team, navigate to the Organization Teams page via the sidebar and click the Create Team button. In the create team modal, enter the team name being created and click the create button.

Create Team in Organization

Once the team is created, add members or grant the team access to applications by clicking on the Manage members and Manage applications buttons, respectively.

Organization Team Summary

Creating new applications under your organization

With members invited to the organization, let's get started on creating new applications under an organization. Navigate to the Organization Applications tab in the sidebar to find the Create application button for creating a new application under your organization. Learn more about creating an application from the getting started guide.

New Application under Organization

Moving existing applications to an organization

Moving an existing application to an organization is a common task accomplished by transferring ownership of your application.

Transfer Ownership

Granting access to organization applications

Organization administrators can grant access to applications either directly to individual members or to teams. There are three application-level roles that can be assigned, Developer, Observer, and Operator, which grant varying levels of access. Administrators are implicitly granted full access to all applications of the organization.

  • Granting individual members access to applications - Once you are done inviting members, click the username of the member you want to grant access from the Members list. On member's summary page, click Manage applications. From there, click the Add to applications button to add the member to one or more applications with the desired role.
Grant Member Access to Applications
  • Granting teams access to applications - Teams and their members can be granted access to specific applications from the Organization Teams tab. Click the Manage applications button on the team summary page. From there, click the Add applications to team button to add the team to one or more applications available under the org with the desired roles. All team members will be granted access to the selected application(s) with the specified role per application.
Grant Team Access to Applications

Alternatively to remove access to applications, for individual members or teams. One can navigate back to the respective summary page of the member or team and click the Manage applications button there. From the app list, you should be able to select the checkboxes for the apps and use the Actions button to select Remove access from the list for the selected applications.

Remove Access to Applications

I've got an app. How do I collaborate with others?

To collaborate with other users on a single app, you can refer to adding an application member using their email address or username. After adding the user, you will find them in your organization added as a member as well. Members will only have access to those application(s) in the organization that you explicitly grant them access to. You can review each member's access by clicking the member's username in the Members list present on the organization summary page. On the page with your view as an administrator, you can check what teams and applications the member has access to.