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Device statuses

Device statuses are displayed on the Devices page and the Device Summary page. An overview of the device statuses of a fleet is shown on the Fleets page. Each device can have one of the following statuses:

Application device status
Status Description
Online The device is online and is communicating with the cloud within the correct interval. In this state, the device is connected to cloudlink and has had recent API communications.
Online (VPN Only)1 The device is online, is connected to cloudlink, but has no recent API communications.
Online (Heartbeat Only)2 The device is online, has recent API communications, but is not connected to cloudlink.
Offline The device is offline.
Configuring The device is applying OS configuration.
Updating The device is updating to a new release.
Post Provisioning The device has been provisioned but has not yet come online.
Inactive The device has been deactivated or has been preregistered but has not yet connected to the balenaCloud API.
Frozen The device has been frozen because it's outside the organization's allowance, or is in a paid fleet type on a free tier organization.

Device Connectivty states

Device connectivity indicators

A device's status may include indicators of partial connectivity issues on the device, such as a firewall blocking VPN traffic or a device's inability to communicate with the balenaCloud API. These indicators are as follows:

1 Online (VPN Only) indicates that the device is unable to communicate with the balenaCloud API.

2 Online (Heartbeat Only) indicates that device is unable to connect to cloudlink (e.g. a firewall is blocking VPN traffic), and won't be able to provide remote SSH connections.

Note: If the device is powered off or loses all network connectivity, it will remain in the Online (Heartbeat Only) state until the last target state fetch exceeds the device API polling interval.

Debugging Device Status

If you find your device to be displaying a status which is unclear even with the above notes, visit the device status section in the device debugging masterclass for more information.