19 April 2018 / Last updated: 12 Nov 2018

Your guide to deploying an IoT fleet

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We've seen thousands of IoT deployments over the years, and along the way we've learned what makes for the most successful projects. On our new Going to Production page, we share some of the lessons we've learned, collected into a a basic project plan.
Our project plan breaks the process into four phases. For each phase, we've included the most relevant tips, some specific to the balenaCloud platform, and others which will help with any IoT deployment.

Project plan overview

  • We start with the Design phase, with some considerations to help you pick out the best hardware and operating environment for your application and project budget.
  • Next, we have an introduction to the development and configuration tools available on the resin.io platform, which you'll use during the Prototype phase to build and test the initial versions of your application.
  • For the Pilot phase, we talk about the importance of running your project in real-world scenarios, while still keeping your devices at hand for easy troubleshooting.
  • And finally, with the Production phase, we offer some insights on deploying, scaling, and maintaining your fleet, with an emphasis on the resin.io features that make this easy to accomplish at scale, including preloaded applications and staged releases.

Learn more

We've worked hard to make it as easy as possible to deploy a fleet of connected devices, and we encourage you to check out our detailed guide for more information. If you have any other questions, let us know on our forums and we'll quickly get you sorted!
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