How to use Nvidia Jetson devices on balena

Access the full capabilities of Jetson devices in balenaCloud. Recent versions of balenaOS provide easy access to JetPack components, giving your containers access to the GPU’s power. Learn how to build a project to start accessing a world of AI tools, including CUDA and OpenCV, below. Hardware refresher Nvidia

How to classify socks using a Raspberry Pi, Edge Impulse, and balena

We’re going to create a project on a Raspberry Pi with a Camera that distinguishes between socks using the Edge Impulse Machine Learning system running on balena. We all know that matching socks is a nightmare, so having an affordable, intelligent system saying if a sock matches with another

Getting Started with the Nvidia Jetson Nano using balena

UPDATED 11 Jan 2021: Note that as of 16 December 2020, we have an updated guide here with a more streamlined method to accomplish the examples in this post, as well as more background information about using Nvidia Jetson devices with balena. When you’re building applications to run on