Deploy network-wide ad-blocking with Pi-hole and a Raspberry Pi

If you’ve ever been frustrated with intrusive and distracting internet advertising, malware and other malicious spyware and tracking software online, and wondered if there was a solution to stop it, this is the project for you. We’re going to set up a Raspberry Pi running Pi-hole to block

Build a Bitcoin traffic light with balenaCloud

Follow along and build your own as we hack a traffic light to make a cool Bitcoin value indicator for your desk or office using a Raspberry Pi and balenaCloud. Bitcoin (₿) was initially released at the beginning of January 2009 by an unknown person/group with the codename of

Resin-in-resin: how to make a literal "embedded" device

This project is also on Hackaday! does a lot of cool stuff. But if you had to say what we do in one sentence, it's this: " enables you to safely deploy and manage fleets of embedded devices that you might not have physical access to." I'm

The making of Boombeastic: a Raspberry Pi-based connected speaker

A high-quality, stand-alone, fast-prototyped, connected speaker Preface On a June hack Friday I decided to prototype a Raspberry Pi based speaker that could become a hack-friendly platform for the community. I was also interested in experimenting with a fast-prototyping approach involving My goals for the project were to:

Our Resinified Office Lock

If it's Friday, then it's usually time for Friday Hacks at! This means working on a project of our own interests - as long as it is connected to in some way. We have many dozens of hacking and maker ideas floating around in our team,

STICH: Inexpensive Coordinated GSM Anomaly Detection

Today's "interesting use case" is coming to you fresh from DEF CON 24, which just finished last weekened). If you haven't heard about it yet, DEF CON is the biggest annual hacker convention, which hosts a large number of computer security specialist and researchers, lawyers, students, hackers, and