Keeping a watchful-eye on WiFi and cellular networks in Ghana with balenaCloud

Balena user Sam Moorhouse writes a guest blog post to tell us about how he's using Raspberry Pi devices on balenaCloud to monitor ISP-supplied 4G (cellular) routers in Ghana. His project watchful-eye keeps eyes 👀 on these devices which are used as a fallback connectivity option for his charity project Global

Monitoring the edge with Prometheus pt. 1

A method of self-similar monitoring for the edge. Properly monitoring a fleet of devices is an evolving art. One of the current leaders in the server world for application and hardware monitoring is Prometheus, both for bare metal and as a first-class citizen in the Kubernetes world. In order to

Monitoring your balena devices with Datadog

Updated 28 July 2020: Double-checked that we're using the latest Datadog build steps. Here at balena, we have developed a complete set of tools to deploy and manage your fleet of IoT devices, but what if you also want a monitor detailed metrics of a single device or of your