Summit 2019, Barcelona: that’s a wrap

Last month we brought the entire balena team to Barcelona to meet, greet, hack on projects, plan for tomorrow, and have a great time together. Here are some highlights from balena’s 2019 annual summit. Why do we do this every year? Being a fully remote company, the annual summit

Spring IoT Hackathon Recap

We hosted our first hackathon in a long while at Campus London last weekend, with the theme of "Multi-Device Internet of Things". It was a very fruitful, long day with more than 40 people hacking on projects across about a dozen teams. Since most of the participants weren't familiar with

Spring into Hack-tion

We believe in experimentation here at, and learning and improving through projects. This is the idea behind Hack Fridays, when everyone on the team is encouraged to build projects on This is also why we love hackathons, as they present a unique opportunity to quickly develop

ELCE 2016 in Review

Our team just returned from the Embedded Linux Conference Europe 2016 in Berlin last week. It was a great occasion to demo our existing and upcoming solutions for developing and deploying software to connected devices, and hear how people are using for their own projects. The highlight of

We are at the Embedded Linux Conference Europe!

The Embedded Linux Conference Europe (ELCE) takes place October 11-13 (Tue-Thu) in Berlin. ELCE is an exciting event for us, the audience mostly consisting of developers, architects, and engineers. The technical discussion is always very inspiring and challenging, perfect for a team like ours. We are sponsoring the event this

Presenting Etcher on Software Freedom Day

Software Freedom Day is an annual celebration of Free Software, a tradition started in 2004. Since then, every year people gather at events around the world, to discuss and learn about free software, free defined as in freedom. This year Gandi is organizing a Software Freedom Day gathering here in

We are at ThingMonk 2016

ThingMonk introduces itself as "the developer conference for people making IoT platforms." This obviously speaks to us, and we've got to be there, in no small part because previous years were great experiences too! The event runs between 2016 Sep 12-14, in London (all three days at a different location

Presenting at Hardware Pioneers

Hardware Pioneers is a community focusing on building hardware and Internet of Things startups. At we live right at that intersection, providing IoT software deployment to our hardware startup clients. We know very well, that this makes us reliant on entrepreneurs getting better at building hardware - a

Guest Webinar with Toradex

We are very happy to join our partner Toradex for a guest webinar about solving the "devops problem" of the Internet of Things! The talk will include an introduction to, and demoing how to use it for example with the Toradex Colibri iMX6 board. There are two sessions

Reporting from AT&T Shape and our Ericsson setups

We have recently participated in Shape, the AT&T Tech Expo in San Francisco, as a partner of Ericsson. There we have demoed our platform as applied to the applications Ericsson is building across multiple areas. Check out the slides from the event: Taken out of the slide deck,