Etcher broke my USB stick … or did it?

We put USB sticks and SD cards through a lot of work (and abuse), and sometimes it leaves them in a state where they’re unreadable. Learn how to determine if this happens to your tiny data drive and get some tips on how to make it usable again. As

Add new functionality to affordable CNC machines using CNC.js and balena

Here’s a simple way to add premium CNC machine features to low-cost options using CNC.js and balenaOS. Now you can outfit your shop with incredible maker tools without breaking the bank. Fundamentally, I’m a maker at heart. I’ve been making things for years, but it’s

Taming the 'hard' in hardware in 8 steps - a product development journey

In 2017, we (balena) embarked on a mission to build the ultimate flashing media. As a software company, we didn't realize the hornet's nest that we had stepped into. Little did we anticipate that in the process, we would end up re-examining the wheel at every step, going through eight

State of the EtcherPro

Earlier in 2018 we first described our plans for a professional SD duplicator and flashing device named EtcherPro. We’ve made a lot more progress since then, but we’ve also taken a lot more time than we first thought, so here’s what we’ve been up to. EtcherPro

Etcher: Now with multi-write and Compute Module support!

We’re more than pleased to announce the release of Etcher 1.4.3, probably the most exciting release of Etcher since its initial launch two years ago. To understand why this release is so exciting, take a look at this picture: What you see here is Etcher flashing multiple

Etcher 1.0 is here!

After completing over a million writes, Etcher exits beta with 1.0 release and new CLI edition Today, Etcher graduates from beta and reaches a big milestone: an official 1.0.0 release! Since we first released Etcher as an open source tool for writing images across platforms, it’s

The Future of Etcher

Etcher recently reached 2000 stars on github, and we’d like to take the opportunity to share our plans for the future with the rapidly growing community of users. In the last year, we’ve seen hundreds of blog posts and videos about Etcher in dozens of languages, and many

Announcing Etcher

Presenting Etcher: A better way to write SD cards. Writing SD cards is a neglected, and very platform-specific affair, which means using “dd” on certain platforms, (and risking overwriting your hard drive) and downloading software from SourceForge on others (and risking catching spyware). None of the common writers verify that