balena monthly roundup - June 2021

Hello, dear readers! We’re pretty excited about launching Open Fleets, which are all available on balenaHub and ready to try. Available on Spotify and other major podcast apps, we launched the first episode of our'>balenaPodcast series. You can also learn

balena monthly roundup - May 2021

Hello, dear readers! It’s been a busy month here at balena! Our 5th Release Party led to some changes to the look and feel of balenaCloud to help new users build their first project. We also explored why we created the audio, sensor, and pulse blocks to inspire edge

balena monthly roundup - April 2021

Hello, dear readers! This month we are introducing you to the first group of balena Ambassadors. We also held a Release Party that focused on getting the team together to improve our balenaCloud docs. Check out this month’s community spotlights, some new blocks on balenaHub, and see our two

Release Party: Improving balenaCloud Docs

This Release Party featured balenistas banding together to improve the balenaCloud documentation. We explored how our team or the community could contribute to the docs, and made a little contest out of it while learning a few things along the way. What’s a release party? Our team gets together

balena monthly roundup - March 2021

Hello, dear readers! This month we launched Offline Updates: update balenafied devices that are in areas where internet connectivity is limited. By popular demand, we also put together a guide on how to set up Datadog’s IoT Agent with balenaCloud to monitor fleet metrics. As always, we have a

balena monthly roundup - February 2021

Hello, dear readers! This month we’re (re)introducing balenaBlocks with a new home on balenaHub and a live demo. If you’re interested in finding new IoT or edge projects to try, want to submit your own app, or find balenaBlocks to build with, you’ll find them all

balena monthly roundup - January 2021

Happy new year, dear readers! Let’s kick off the new year with some exciting news-- EtcherPro pre-orders are now open. Use it to flash up to 16 SD cards, USB sticks, or devices at once, without a computer. Order yours today. We added a few improvements to balenaCloud as

balena monthly roundup - December 2020

Hello, readers! We’re excited to announce balenaHub: find and deploy ready-made edge and IoT projects made by product builders like you, or share your own app with the world. Try it out! From the lab, we show educators how to set up a Scratch server on a Raspberry Pi,

balena monthly roundup - November 2020

Hello there, readers! We’re proud to share how we help Infarm build the gardens of the future. Imagine that: deploy thousands of IoT microfarms to bring better produce to stores and restaurants. From the lab, we’re showing people how to build a solar-powered LoRa weather station and how

balena monthly roundup - October 2020

Hello there, readers! We’re energized and inspired after this year’s remote 2020 Summit event! Also, did you know that we built a feature in a day? Try out high-level device metrics in the dashboard. Fresh from the lab are guides on starting your own ">local AI project using