balena monthly roundup - October 2020

Hello there, readers! We’re energized and inspired after this year’s remote 2020 Summit event! Also, did you know that we built a feature in a day? Try out high-level device metrics in the dashboard. Fresh from the lab are guides on starting your own ">local AI project using

How we ran a virtual summit for 100 people

Here at balena, our annual teamwide Summit is the banner event in our calendar year. As a globally distributed team, Summit is when we bring everybody together to build deeper relationships, reflect on how we work, and align on our vision for the future. Past Summits have been held in

balena monthly roundup - September 2020

By popular demand, we created a guide on how to run Wireguard VPN in balenaOS. Our team also got to the bottom of USB temperature issues on the Fin v1.1. From the lab, we showed edge developers, hackers, and makers how to build an IoT surveillance camera in 30