S O NAH: Pioneering smart city tech with balena.io

S O NAH are pioneering at the forefront of smart city technologies, and are using balena in their work to solve common city problems such as parking, restricted-area detection and traffic analysis (counting and classification). Their first product, S O NAH Parking, is designed to detect empty parking spaces and

Bitreactive: decentralized sensor management with balena.io

Bitreactive provides assisted living technology solutions for nursing homes and home care. They specialize in decentralized sensor management and edge analytics built around the Continua Design Guidelines, an implementation framework for personal connected devices. Bitreactive's solutions, such as the BALT personal hub, focus primarily on bed monitoring, both for institutions

Paracosm: mobile 3D mapping with balena.io

Paracosm, a division of Occipital, specializes in 3D mapping of large scale indoor and outdoor spaces. They've created a handheld 3D scanner called the PX-80 that allows their users to capture the world around them. The PX-80 uses a combination of LiDAR, IMU, and color camera sensors to calculate a

SENSE: industrial roof monitoring with balena.io

SENSE Monitoring helps companies track conditions on the flat roofs of steel frame buildings such as warehouses, factories, and large retail facilities. Their IoT product keeps building owners and facility managers informed about the health of critical roof infrastructure and indicates when a structure might need preventive maintenance. S-One, SENSE’

30MHz: real-time environment monitoring with balena.io

Use Cases: Industrial; Environment Monitoring Headquarters: Amsterdam From pepper growers to port operators, 30MHz enables businesses to be more productive by monitoring their environments in real time. They provide a full suite of tools for industrial companies to gather metrics from across the physical world and turn them into action.

Petrolog: remotely managing oil wells with balena.io

Use Case: Oil & Gas Headquarters: Houston, TX Petrolog provides IoT solutions for oil well automation and remote monitoring, helping operators increase production and reduce operating costs. Petrolog’s main product is a POC (pump off condition) controller. The controller detects when a well enters pump off condition, which occurs when

OpenROV: deploying Docker containers to underwater drones with balena.io

You've probably seen robots and drones on land and in the air, but have you ever seen one under water? OpenROV is creating low cost, highly capable drones that enable anybody to explore the underwater world. After four years of designing and testing, OpenROV is now taking pre-orders for their

TAPP Case Study

Use Case: Point of Sale; Payments Company Size: 10 Headquarters: Amsterdam TAPP is eliminating the hassle of payment in bars and restaurants, allowing friends to enjoy their time together without worrying about dividing up the bill. It also allows bars and restaurants to serve groups and gather insights about their

Smart Plants Case Study

Use Case: Industrial; Smart Buildings Company Size: 7 Headquarters: Norway Smart Plants is enabling remote and autonomous management of critical industrial infrastructure. The company has launched its full-stack, cloud-based ClevAir service to provide remote monitoring, analytics, and optimization for ventilation systems in large industrial buildings, and has plans to expand

Enerbrain Case Study

Use Case: Smart Buildings Company Size: 12 Headquarters: Turin, Italy Enerbrain believes that buildings are central to sustainable development and is on a mission to make them smarter, healthier and more energy efficient. The company’s products are designed to remotely manage heating, ventilation, and cooling (HVAC) systems in large