The Evolution of the Beast Continues

TLDR: the Beast is a single board computer cluster designed as a testing and demo rig for We built Beast v1, with 120 Raspberry Pis, back in 2014 and started working on the next iteration, Beast v2, with 144 Raspberry Pis, about a year later. Now we're designing

Good, Better, Beast! #9

For all of you out there, following the development of Beast 2.0, I'd like to apologize for not having updates for a loooooong time (check out the last one) . It's not that there's nothing to say, rather the opposite, there's too much going on, and getting ahead with the

Good, Better, Beast - #8

Sharing is Caring After quite a long development process, the design of the Beast 2.0 system is finally worthy of a release. We’re looking to manufacture upwards of 100 units. At the same time, we are reflecting on the nature of truly open-source hardware (OSHW) design and looking

Good, Better, Beast - #7

Spit and Polish Hello again. This time round we’ll be sharing a couple of the final touches to the Beast design process. A look at the refined design of the BeastTile front panel - the primary point of customisation for the system. Strength testing of the chassis to determine

Good, Better, Beast - #6

A quick update OctoTower Since the last entry, we’ve been engrossed in the fine details of the BeastTile design. Mostly questions of usability. We've also been talking to a customer who’s keen to use the BeastTile as a demonstration platform for their IoT product suite. Introducing the OctoTower,

Good, Better, Beast - Week 5

It’s Aliiiiiive! The little monster breathed it’s first this week when we assembled the first 6 units of the BeastTile. As can be expected with any first-born, we had a few teething issues, but all-in-all the build went smoooooth. Like a baby’s bottom. The first chunk of

Good, Better, Beast - Week 4

Let’s Get Physical… Ahoy. We promised to venture beyond the comforts of CAD this week and commit to something real. Well, our word is our bond… We went through two rounds of prototyping, where we improved the structural strength of the tile, fine-tuned the fits of interlocking components, and

Good, Better, Beast - Week 3

This is a quick welcome back. It’s been quiet in here due to the post x-mas food coma, but looking forward to the next steps. Last time we described the design of our BeastTile, and how they interconnect, both mechanically and electrically. We also gave some examples of what

Good, Better, Beast - Week 2

For those who have just tuned in, we’re working on a new improved version of what we call the Beast. In our last post, we shared our goals for the Beast as a demonstration platform for, but also mentioned that we’d like to open the design

Good, Better, Beast!

Beast 2.0 -- Taking Single Board Computer clusters to the next level About a year ago, we wrote about the Beast, our 120 Raspberry Pi cluster. Since then, we’ve had a lot of experience with it. First surprise was that the Beast never spent too long in one