26 December 2013 / Last updated: 27 Jan 2017

Release: Docker 0.7.2 for ARM

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Since porting Docker 0.6.4 to the Raspberry Pi, we've been getting requests for a 0.7.x version, and while we can't commit we'll keep releasing new versions, we did build 0.7.2 internally, so here it is:
You can use this package in conjunction with our 4 simple steps guide to get it on your Pi.
If anyone gets Docker working on other ARM devices, or on any other base OS such as Raspbian, tinycore, etc., we're keenly interested in hearing about it.
Meanwhile, here are some images for the Raspberry Pi that have been posted on the Docker Index over the last few weeks:

Base Images

cellofellow/rpi-arch -
Arch Linux ARM base image for Raspberry Pi.
resin/rpi-raspbian -
Base Raspbian image for the Raspberry Pi.


missionst/rpi-pythonbase -
Base image + Python for Raspberry Pi.
missionst/rpi-octoprint -
OctoPrint on the Raspberry Pi
resin/rpi-google-coder -
Google Coder for the RaspberryPi
seahope/rpidockerjavatomcat - Java + Tomcat for the Raspberry Pi
Any questions? or you'd just like to say hi, come find us on our community chat.
by Alexandros MarinosFounder/CEO, balena

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