Raspberry Pi 3 Support

Breaking news!!! (from yesterday). We have officially released support for the Raspberry pi 3. It's taken a little over 10 days to build support for this board, most of which were waiting for the board to ship to our office :D.

This is a testament to both our device engineers and the excitement from the team and resin community around its release. Special thanks to our engineer Theodor Gherzan who stayed up late hunting for firmware, and even missed a flight to get this support to you as fast as possible.

image of pi's in a box

We could run through the specs, but that's easy enough to find on your own, just take a look here, here or here and trust that this board is good. It's around 10 times faster than the Raspberry Pi 1 and has built-in wifi/bluetooth. The only thing it's missing is a great way to program on it... oh wait.

Owing to the interest in this board we had some eager users connecting their rpi3's to resin.io within minutes of it hitting production. Congratulations to Dominik Kukacka who officially took first place, and has some resin.io swag headed his way.

Raspberry Pi was the first board to run a resin OS and it's a line of boards we will continue to support.

We can now (once again) proudly announce that we support all versions of the Raspberry Pi.

Happy hacking! Let us know what you build!
Team resin.io

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