Why is the balenaFin right for fleet owners? Part 3: Networking

This is the third in a series of posts about the key features that make the balenaFin the right choice for IoT fleet owners. For those who aren’t familiar with the balenaFin, you can take a look at this introductory post. We’ve divided the series into three posts

balena monthly roundup - November 2020

Hello there, readers! We’re proud to share how we help Infarm build the gardens of the future. Imagine that: deploy thousands of IoT microfarms to bring better produce to stores and restaurants. From the lab, we’re showing people how to build a solar-powered LoRa weather station and how

Receive and store LoRa sensor data from TTN using a Raspberry Pi (part 2)

Back in the first part of this series, we detailed the process of building a simple LoRa-connected weather station to monitor temperature, humidity, and pressure, and send the readings to The Things Network (TTN). In this second part, we’re going to take a look at how you can capture

Build a simple solar-powered weather station with LoRa & The Things Network (part 1)

We’ve covered a couple of ways to build a LoRa gateway for The Things Network (TTN) here on the blog and on YouTube, but what about if you want to take advantage of your own gateway and deploy some sensors in your home or garden? This two-part series will

Cellular + IoT isn't as hard as you think

I’ve always been a bit hesitant to add cellular networking to my IoT projects because I figured the cost of bandwidth and the hardware requirements were more trouble than they were worth. But after some experimentation, I got over my fears and found cellular wasn’t nearly as expensive

balena monthly roundup - October 2020

Hello there, readers! We’re energized and inspired after this year’s remote 2020 Summit event! Also, did you know that we built a feature in a day? Try out high-level device metrics in the dashboard. Fresh from the lab are guides on starting your own ">local AI project using

Infarm uses balena to make farm-to-table work

Sustainably feeding the planet is at the heart of the farm-to-table movement and the motivation behind a new breed of tech companies working to make locally grown herbs and vegetables commercially viable. Balena is there to help. For Berlin-based Farm-as-a-Service company Infarm, the answer to food-to-table farming is remote-controlled microfarms

How we ran a virtual summit for 100 people

Here at balena, our annual teamwide Summit is the banner event in our calendar year. As a globally distributed team, Summit is when we bring everybody together to build deeper relationships, reflect on how we work, and align on our vision for the future. Past Summits have been held in

Fixing the balenaFin high-temp issue, the DIY way.

A few weeks back, we announced our decision to recall our v1.1 balenaFins due to a USB issue at high temperatures, along with an in-depth explanation of the issue. We offer free repair for any customer that has purchased a v1.1 balenaFin, and many of our customers have

How to classify socks using a Raspberry Pi, Edge Impulse, and balena

We’re going to create a project on a Raspberry Pi with a Camera that distinguishes between socks using the Edge Impulse Machine Learning system running on balena. We all know that matching socks is a nightmare, so having an affordable, intelligent system saying if a sock matches with another