How balenaSound inspired the audio block

In this blog post, we’ll explain how the audio block came to be. We’ll put on our IoT fleet owner shoes, dive deep into balenaSound’s history, and show you how one of our most popular projects helped build the very first balenaBlock. As you may already know,

balena monthly roundup - April 2021

Hello, dear readers! This month we are introducing you to the first group of balena Ambassadors. We also held a Release Party that focused on getting the team together to improve our balenaCloud docs. Check out this month’s community spotlights, some new blocks on balenaHub, and see our two

Release Party: Improving balenaCloud Docs

This Release Party featured balenistas banding together to improve the balenaCloud documentation. We explored how our team or the community could contribute to the docs, and made a little contest out of it while learning a few things along the way. What’s a release party? Our team gets together

balena monthly roundup - March 2021

Hello, dear readers! This month we launched Offline Updates: update balenafied devices that are in areas where internet connectivity is limited. By popular demand, we also put together a guide on how to set up Datadog’s IoT Agent with balenaCloud to monitor fleet metrics. As always, we have a

Introducing the balena Ambassador Program

This March we are kicking off our Ambassador Program. We’ve invited six outstanding members of the balena community to join us to learn more about building with balena and to encourage other community members to do the same. Here’s an overview of the program and an introduction to

IoT fleet monitoring with Datadog and balenaCloud: How small agent containers make a big impact

One challenge of managing a fleet of dispersed IoT devices is gathering and monitoring device metrics in real-time. Let’s check out how companies like Datadog are adding monitoring capabilities using lightweight containers that are ideal for IoT and edge devices. Datadog’s newest monitoring agent requires as little as

Offline Updates make it easier to update balena devices without the internet

Many balenaCloud users enjoy the seamless integration between their connected IoT devices and our tools that make device monitoring, managing, and updating easy. However, what if your devices have limited connectivity by design? Introducing Offline Updates: a process that lets you to preload and reflash a device so it retains

balena monthly roundup - February 2021

Hello, dear readers! This month we’re (re)introducing balenaBlocks with a new home on balenaHub and a live demo. If you’re interested in finding new IoT or edge projects to try, want to submit your own app, or find balenaBlocks to build with, you’ll find them all

Keep your plant-friends happy and healthy with automated watering: balenaPlant

Even when you remember to water your plants, did you water too much? Not enough? This project combines a Raspberry Pi, balenaBlocks, environmental sensors, and water pump automation to help keep your plants watered with a data-driven touch. Access a dashboard showing your plant data from anywhere in the world

balena monthly roundup - January 2021

Happy new year, dear readers! Let’s kick off the new year with some exciting news-- EtcherPro pre-orders are now open. Use it to flash up to 16 SD cards, USB sticks, or devices at once, without a computer. Order yours today. We added a few improvements to balenaCloud as