Bring a dummy security camera to life, using a Raspberry Pi and WebRTC

A few weeks ago we released a project called balena Cam where @mbalamat developed an application running on balenaOS that initiates a WebRTC video streaming connection between the server (a Raspberry Pi, for example) and the client. You can check the full blog post here. Once the main core of

It's a sign: build a remote controlled digital display with Screenly OSE and Raspberry Pi

Try this project to get up and running with a display you can control remotely to display photos, videos, dashboards, web pages, and digital signage. This tutorial was put together by the friendly folks at Screenly. They've recently updated their open-source digital signage software project to work seamlessly with the

balena monthly roundup - June 2019

What’s happening, folks? Here’s your monthly dose of balena-fuelled projects and tutorials! This month we’re building LoRa gateways, monitoring the edge and deploying sensors, with balenaCloud. In addition to that our community has been building robots, testing robots and running Swift on Raspberry Pi. Take a look

Living on the edge with livepush… and other CLI improvements

Here at balena, we understand that the primary users of our platform are engineers. For a long time, the tooling we provided for developers and DevOps engineers wasn’t as user-friendly or cohesive as we’d have liked it to be. So a few months back, we decided to focus

Keeping a watchful-eye on WiFi and cellular networks in Ghana with balenaCloud

Balena user Sam Moorhouse writes a guest blog post to tell us about how he's using Raspberry Pi devices on balenaCloud to monitor ISP-supplied 4G (cellular) routers in Ghana. His project watchful-eye keeps eyes 👀 on these devices which are used as a fallback connectivity option for his charity project Global

Deploy a fleet of environmental sensors with balena & InfluxDB

Last month Alex Markessinis released a very nice project based on balenaSense to manage the temperature and humidity of a data center and upload the data to an external InfluxDB database. Follow along as we go through the process of setting up this project to capture data from remote sensors

Monitoring the edge with Prometheus pt. 1

Monitoring all the way down Self-similar monitoring for the edge Introduction Properly monitoring a fleet of devices is an evolving art. One of the current leaders in the server world for application and hardware monitoring is Prometheus, both for bare metal and as a first-class citizen in the Kubernetes world.

Build a TTN LoRa Gateway with balenaFin and balenaCloud

We’ve taken a look at deploying a gateway for TTN on our blog in the past, but this time we’re going to look at setting one up using the new balenaFin with plug and play hardware! We’ll use the on-board mPCIe slot to interface with a RAK

Sensors and Data Logging with Embedded Linux - The Ultimate Guide Part 3: Multi-Device Sensor Dashboard

This is the third and final part in a series that dives into logging sensor data with embedded Linux, containers, and Balena's platform. The first part was a deep dive into how sensors can be read by embedded Linux, and the second part explored how to collect and graph sensor

balena monthly roundup - May 2019

OK, so we’re a little late for Star Wars day, but we do have a record month in terms of content. You, our community, have continued to build amazing things on the balenaCloud platform and our team has been busy working on some interesting blog posts too. We’ve