Deploying IoT C/C++ projects with Conan and

This is a guest post written by Luis Martínez de Bartolomé, Senior Software Engineer at Jfrog Creating C/C++ applications for IoT devices can be a challenge. It requires setting up the compiler and toolchain to cross-build for the embedded architecture, managing the application's dependencies, and finding a simple and

Evolve your fleet: manage multiple device types in one application

When it comes to managing a fleet of remote devices, we know there are many points of friction. Our goal at is to eliminate as many of these as we can, and we've put a lot of work into making deployments across device types as similar as possible.

Bitreactive: decentralized sensor management with

Bitreactive provides assisted living technology solutions for nursing homes and home care. They specialize in decentralized sensor management and edge analytics built around the Continua Design Guidelines, an implementation framework for personal connected devices. Bitreactive's solutions, such as the BALT personal hub, focus primarily on bed monitoring, both for institutions

Go flows with Flogo, a framework for ultralight edge microservices

This post was written by Eric Carlier of TIBCO Software. What is Project Flogo? Project Flogo is an application integration framework, written in Go and designed for deploying ultra-lightweight microservices to the edge. Flogo provides a web UI to help you graphically design and debug your application logic, which is

Constructing calls to the API

At the heart of the platform sits the API. Not only does the API facilitate communication between our backend services, it also serves as the primary interface for external applications. The API acts as a source of truth across services, devices, and fleets, and it powers our UI,

Deploying edge workflows with Losant Edge Compute and

This post was written by Brandon Cannaday of Losant, an easy-to-use and powerful Enterprise IoT Platform designed to help teams quickly and securely build complex real-time connected solutions. Losant Edge Compute offers developers a visual, drag-and-drop editor for building logic workflows, which can be remotely deployed to any number of

Etcher: Now with multi-write and Compute Module support!

We’re more than pleased to announce the release of Etcher 1.4.3, probably the most exciting release of Etcher since its initial launch two years ago. To understand why this release is so exciting, take a look at this picture: What you see here is Etcher flashing multiple

Your guide to deploying an IoT fleet

We've seen thousands of IoT deployments over the years, and along the way we've learned what makes for the most successful projects. On our new Going to Production page, we share some of the lessons we've learned, collected into a a basic project plan. Our project plan breaks the process

Raspberry Pi 3 B+ now supported on!

Earlier this month, the Raspberry Pi Foundation released the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+, a faster, more capable model of their incredibly popular Raspberry Pi 3. The board includes a number of features we know our users will appreciate, and we're happy to say it's now officially supported on the

Add a metrics monitoring service to your multicontainer application

With the release of multicontainer on, it's easier than ever to integrate new components and functionality into your projects. In this tutorial, we'll walk through extending our Getting Started with Multicontainer demo project to include fleet-wide metrics and monitoring capabilities using an external InfluxDB service. By the time