20 November 2015 / Last updated: 10 Jul 2019

Git push resin design! The new face of resin.io

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Today, we’re excited to announce the release of our brand new web app dashboard.
It was a long but very creative journey: In order to make sure the end result would be as user friendly as possible, we went through many iterations. There were many factors that played an important role in the final redesign, thus making it extremely thought-out even if it now looks simple and straightforward.
The following areas have been given the designers touch:
  • Application Dashboard
  • Device Listing
  • Device Summary
  • All the inner pages that come along with them

Application Dashboard

The new Application Dashboard boasts a clean card-like interface allowing each application to stand on its own. Each card allows you to have an overview of the health of the devices running on the application. We have also included a pie chart that shows you the overall health of all the devices in your fleet. As a result, you will be able to see at a glance, if a device is offline or if any of your devices are provisioning.

Creating a new application is as easy as pie

Included in the new application dashboard, is a quick-start way for you to create new applications on the fly. All you need to do is enter the desired application name and device type and you’re ready to ship your new fleet of devices.

Device Listing

On the new Device Listing Dashboard, we’ve cleaned up the table and added extra information about each device. In each device row you are now able to see the following:
  • Device Status
  • Device Name
  • When was the last time the device was seen online
  • Device UUID
  • Device IP Address
  • Device Commit
If you have devices in the wild, this information is crucial to you, as a user, because it gives you the ability to diagnose any problem with ease.
We have also introduced a sidebar navigation that allows you to navigate to different settings that affects either your application at a high-level or if you are on your device summary dashboard, the specific device you are on.
A new navigation link in the sidebar is called “Fleet Location”. This gives you the ability to see where each device is located on a world map.
We have included the device health pie chart in the sidebar so that you always have an overview of the total amount of devices that are online.

Device Summary

Want to analyse a specific device? No problem. You can just go to the device summary dashboard and see an overview of the specific device.
More specifically, you are presented with a summary of the device, a notes section that you can use to take down notes applicable to the specific device and a logs section which shows the data that is pushed to your device, which helps if you would like to analyze any code that gets pushed, or runs on the device.
We are constantly reviewing the design and changing different sections to make sure that the user experience is at its highest level. If you have any suggestions or if you'd just like to say "Well done on the new design!" come hangout with us in our Forums.

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