We are at Dockercon this week!

Dockercon 16 starts this weekend, running from the evening of Sunday 19th till the evening of Tuesday 21st June. The day after, on Wednesday, there's also a Docker meetup where we will show off some of our latest developments.

Dockercon 16

We are doubly excited about participating in this year's Dockercon. Docker is such an important part of the resin.io tech stack, that it is a great opportunity to exchange ideas and show off our own development to other awesome teams. Also, this time the gathering will take place on our home turf in Seattle! wink

Dockercon 16 Blue

As silver sponsors, we will have a booth at the event. Would love to have you stop by at Booth S27, and chat with us about your experience, ideas, and projects with resin.io.

If you don't have a chance to come to Seattle, this year the conference will also be live streamed, and you can also follow the buzz by subscribing the Twitter list of Dockercon 16 speakers we have put together for you. There are a lot of exciting talks to look forward to during the two and a half days.

Docker Seattle Meetup

We will also be presenting at the Docker Seattle meetup on Wednesday 22th June from 6:30pm at Disney. We'll share the evening with logz.io and Aerospike. We will touch on the topics of Docker binary deltas to save bandwidth, hardware platform specific builds, literally over-the-air updates to a drone in flight, and more. If you have a chance, join us for a fun evening with cutting edge technology.

As a preview, here's a reaction of the audience to our drone demo at an event a few weeks ago:

Elsewhere in Docker

In the mean time, check out this recent blog post by one our community members on using multi-container with docker-compose!

If you prefer watching talks, here's us earlier showing the first version of container binary deltas, one of the topics of next week's meetup:

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