13 October 2015 / Last updated: 27 Jan 2017

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As one develops and builds out a new connected product or fleet of devices, the software takes on a life of its own. It grows and moves through varying phases of stability and functionality.
One thing that web developers have been spoiled with over the years if their ability to selectively test features on groups of users. They can A/B or split test a new feature on a small group and quickly iterate on those results.
As we have been building, we have worked closely with our users and seen many of these teams needing the ability to have small groups of alpha or canary groups of devices. These groups often sit on the bleeding edge of their product development cycle. Stumbling over and smoothing out product bugs and features before they reach the production fleet.
To make working with canary style deployments on easier, we have introduced the ability to transfer devices seamlessly between your applications. You can now easily have a fleet of production devices and selectively transition one or many devices to a more unstable or feature rich version of the code.
In our screencast we demonstrate how one can easily use this new feature to have grouped or staged rollouts of your fleet. We show a simple transfer of a single device to the bleeding edge canary deployment branch.
Enjoy sending your canaries down the coal mine!
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by Shaun Mulligan(Former) Director of Product Experience, balena

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