12 August 2021 / Last updated: 12 Aug 2021

balena monthly roundup - August 2021

Hello dear readers,
You may have already noticed on balenaCloud that Applications are now known as Fleets. Learn more about why we made this change and what’s next for our product on our announcement post.
Also check out our latest balenaPodcast episode on bringing industrial manufacturing capability to the masses, a tutorial on how to run edge AI with OpenVINO on balena, and, as always, highlights from our fantastic community.

The latest from balena

‘Applications’ are now called ‘Fleets’ on balenaCloud

We’ve changed this to unlock the next steps of our long-term product vision. Get the details on our announcement post.

How to run edge AI with OpenVINO on balenaCloud

Learn how to deploy an AI application using an Intel NUC and the Intel Distribution of OpenVINO Toolkit, all managed on balenaCloud.

balenaPodcast ep02: democratizing industrial production

In this episode, we discuss the democratization of industrial 3D printing, how we can make manufacturing more accessible and cost-friendly, space travel, and more.

NOTE We’ve deprecated some of our image maker endpoints

We made this announcement a while back, but here’s a reminder. If you or your teams use these modules of the balena SDK or CLI you will need to upgrade to a newer version:
  • balena-sdk v12.12.0 (released on 2019-09-28)
  • balena-cli v11.13.0 (released on 2019-09-30)
  • balena-sdk-python v7.8.0 (released on 2019-05-20)
See our SDK deprecation policy to learn more.

This month on balenaHub

Check out some of our newest Open Fleets, Projects and Blocks on balenaHub.
  • Scitizen - Help scientific research for the benefit of mankind and humanity
  • White Noise Generator - Build your own white noise machine using your Raspbery Pi!
  • GPS Time - Uses attached GPS UART with PPS to provide accurate time via chrony ntp server
  • Agriai V2 - ​​Pest detection and classification made using Edge Impulse and balena.
  • Home Urbit - A new OS and peer-to-peer network that’s simple by design.
  • Hostname - An utility block to set the hostname of devices running balenaOS.
  • Browser Control - A remote control webApp for the balenablocks/browser block.

Community highlights

Check out our latest community build logs

We recently added a new Show and Tell category to balenaForums, and many users have started sharing their recent projects and builds. Check them out and add your own!

Speed up your software compilation

Community member Khancyr has taken to the forums to show us all how you can use multiple nodes and balena to speed up software compilation.

Why balenaOS?

Our users debate the topic of balenaOS vs Ubuntu vs k3os and how balenaHub makes it easy for you to build open source projects in the forums.

Join the LoRaWAN community for their summer session

Marc Pous of balena will be teaching at The Things Summer Academy this year, showing how you can build and connect your LoRaWAN gateways with balena.

Work with us

We’re looking for a number of roles for our growing team.
  • People Product Lead
  • Fleet Reliability Engineer
  • Full Stack Engineer - Developer Tools
  • Technical Sales Lead / Sales Engineer (EMEA)
  • Technical Sales Lead / Sales Engineer (Americas)
  • Site Reliability Engineer (EMEA)
  • Site Reliability Engineer (Americas)
Check them out, or, if you think you could be a great fit for balena, design your own role and introduce yourself to us via open call. We’d love to get to know you better.


We’re postponing our physical events to practice safe social distancing and keep our team safe and healthy. Instead, meet with us virtually during our weekly IoT Happy Hour!
Every Friday at 16:00 UTC, join our live stream to see IoT project builds, discuss hardware and software, talk shop, answer community questions, and more. Join our next session or watch our 60+ archived episodes!
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